Gabe Furtado writes his first memoir filled with life stories and revealing points of view titled "Living & Flourishing."

Gabe Furtado takes readers on a brave journey, revealing aspects of his life and what led him to music.

(Los Angeles, CA) May 26th, 2022 -- Brazilian-born and Los Angeles-based artist Gabe Furtado's extraordinary life story is revealed in his upcoming memoir "Living & Flourishing." The biography reveals his vulnerability through writing meant to feel as if Gabe is talking directly to the reader.  

Wild, intense, and unique, the memoir tells the story of Gabe's life. Each page reveals intimate and personal experiences, depicting stories of Gabe's purpose and passions. Gabe writes, "I knew I wasn't in my body anymore, for a second or two. I honestly don't know how long any of it took because I had no one around me and no capacity to reach for my phone inside my bag nor look around for a clock on the wall because there wasn't any, probably." The beautiful journey is open, honest, and one that brings the reader into the depths of Gabe's heart.

Boundless and able to reveal Gabe's struggles and core beliefs, "Living & Flourishing" is purpose-driven and full of adventure. The memoir enables readers to experience a world of wonder as if Gabe is sitting nearby, speaking directly to them. 

Boasting compelling storylines while emphasizing his albums and other milestones, "Living & Flourishing" emphasizes emotions and positive outcomes and is a breath of fresh air highlighting Gabe Furtado's intriguing and captivating personality. 

"Living & Flourishing" will be available this fall.  

About The Author

Gabe Furtado is the epitome of creativity and authenticity. He began his music career in 2014 by releasing cover songs by Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Mika. By 2017, he released his first professional EP titled "Just Feelings." The album had three cover songs, including his version of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," his most streamed on Spotify, receiving 200k streams. Gabe started making homemade videos on his YouTube channel for two songs to accompany his EP. With the success of the videos, he decided to make his first original LP, "Life." Receiving critical acclaim, Gabe is now thriving with the release of his sophomore album "Flowers."

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