Future phenomenon GZLZ delivers a relentlessly honest debut album, "2 FACED."

Music producer and songwriter GZLZ reveals life's mixed feelings in his debut album, "2 FACED."

(Los Angeles, CA) June 3rd, 2022 –  Copenhagen, Denmark artist GZLZ’s debut album, "2 FACED," is available on major platforms. "2 FACED" is an unflinching depiction that explores the chaos of mixed emotions a person endures during a love connection. 

Born Gabriel Zahid, GZLZ is a Denmark native with a magnetic and eclectic music style. His debut album infuses his experiences to create relatable music for listeners that allows them to perceive their own story. He states, "I prefer not to say my meaning or feeling to the songs personally, as I try to make them open to different interpretations which i know people will have." 

Keeping himself away from being tied to a specific genre, GZLZ likes to play around with music, believing the sound and quality are more essential than a particular style. His passion for creating music has led him to release "2 FACED," an album of eight tracks that will take fans on a journey filled with vulnerability and catchy beats. 

Presently, GZLZ’s relatable topics allow him to bring his experiences and emotions to sound. He believes that going through COVID has allowed him to navigate and find his place in the music industry and continue reaching for his dream of playing in front of large audiences.  

"2 FACED" is available on Spotify.

About GZLZ 

GZLZ, known for capturing eardrums with his intricate sound, is a Copenhagen native with an eclectic music style. Growing up, he felt a special connection to music, and when he was younger, he loved playing instruments like piano and guitar. Then, during the COVID quarantine of 2020, he stumbled across DAW FI studio. After downloading and getting familiar with the software, he was amazed by the potential of music you can make and has set his sights on dominating the music industry ever since. 

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