Stingosaurus Discloses The Release of His Upcoming Cover, ‘Paris.’

(Los Angeles, CA) June 6, 2022 - Christian Iannone, known as Stingosaurus in the music scene, is a dynamic recording artist based in the US. He produces music that not only entices the hearing senses but also stirs up the audience’s visual imagination. 2021 have seen him release catchy tracks like ‘Iceice’ (featuring Vivienne Rose!) and ‘Bracelet.’ And for this year, Stingosaurus announces the release of his upcoming cover of ‘Paris,’ The Chainsmokers’ 2017 hit song. 

While his 2021 track ‘Nervous’ features a vocoder and unique vocal processing, and gives off similar vibes to Charlie Puth, the upcoming cover ‘Paris’ will be packed with mysterious, chill, and dance vibes that will urge you to tap your feet in the dance floor. Known for his distinct sound incorporating pop influences and dance elements, Stingosaurus made his first splash in the streaming scene in 2019 with the track ‘Look Back.’ Always putting out the best possible product for music listeners, he never fails to demonstrate his dedication to his craft. This leaves no doubt that big things can be expected from Stingosaurus. 

Don’t miss out on the release of ‘Paris’ soon. In the meantime, visit Stingosaurus on Spotify to explore his discography. Make sure to follow this rising talent via his Instagram to get real-time updates. 

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