Channeling the Message of Hope & Wisdom: Apoorva Offers Debut Track, "The door is always open"

Apoorva encourages an intentional search for a deeper life perception through her captivating voice and uplifting lyricism in “The door is always open.”

(Los Angeles, CA) June 10, 2022 - Music is food for the soul and can serve as nourishment for those in search of inspiration. And in "The door is always open," singer-songwriter Apoorva indeed makes a positive difference. "The door is always open" is a soulful/r&b tune, merged with many new age aspects such as ethereal background vocals and nature sounds. Coupled with Apoorva's dreamy vocals and inspiring lyrics, listeners get allured and taken through a lasting trance-like moment. 

Produced by William Clay (Lewisville, TX) and mixed & mastered by Dubway Studios in NYC, "The door is always open" has great melodies that relay the way to finding spirituality and understanding. Apoorva holds this track close to her heart and hopes to share the mindset she tapped into while writing this single. She says, "My songs are created out of my experiences from my spiritual journey and my goal is to invite the listener to begin their own spiritual journey alongside me/with my support. For me, 'The door is always open' means that the possibilities in life are infinite. But I wrote it in a way that people would be able to relate to it - with a romantic message." 

Featuring soulful groovy elements, with verses like "Before you sail away / Know that you can stay / Soul with soul / Hand in hand / I won't turn you away..." listeners will easily connect with Apoorva's message that comes straight from the heart. There is no doubt that "The door is always open" will open doors for the rising talent and put her in the limelight. It is now available everywhere via her LinkTree, including Spotify. Follow Apoorva on Instagram to know more about her. 

About Apoorva

Born and raised in New York, Apoorva is an Indian-American musician whose name “Apoorva” means “never before” in Sanskrit. As seeing Indians in the American music scene is unconventional, she hopes to represent people who feel “othered” and break the glass ceiling for Indian American artists. She aims to make them feel that like her, they belong too. 

Although music has always been in Apoorva's blood, she previously was on a path to becoming a doctor. But after getting accepted into a post-baccalaureate program at a prestigious university, the realization came in - that her childhood dream of becoming a professional singer had been buried due to social pressure and fears. She at that point, decided to pursue music full-time. 

Apoorva took singing lessons at the Vocal Workout Singing School in NYC and then, later on, became a singing instructor at the same school from 2020 to 2021. This new chapter of her life helped her develop her musical skills and connect with other aspiring artists. And in April of this year, she finally released her debut track, "The door is always open." Drawing influences from Enya's ethereal artistry and Sade's sultry beckoning voice, Apoorva brings a new edge to the meaning of r&b/soul, incorporating new age elements into it. Hitting the music scene with a new authentic genre, the audience can only expect a harmonious listening experience from this exceptional artist. 

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