Reigniting Funk Music: BadCameo Announces Sophomore Album, “Friday Night Time Warp”

(Los Angeles, CA) June 17th, 2022 - Have you ever been at an event where there’s music playing, and the attendees are kind of mulling around, barely anyone dancing? But the moment a party jam is played, the energy level jumps off with people clamoring to the dance floor? That’s exactly the vibe that will emerge from the dance, fun-filled album “Friday Night Time Warp” by BadCameo, courtesy of Unable Music Group. 

Set for an August 5th release, “Friday Night Time Warp” is a 10-track album that is indeed a cosmic exploration of modern urban nightlife. The first single released in April, “Funk Train,” features the nostalgia of old-school funk mixed with the vibrancy of modern tones - a perfect soundtrack for a disco night. The second track, “Healin’,” which came out a month later, is a reflective pop/R&B tune highlighting the importance of self-love. Exhibiting rich and lush musical arrangements, the melody effortlessly flows. The third and soon-to-be-released single, “Fast Love,” is a funk anthem for a bachelor lifestyle. With slick & witty lyrics and a goofy riff, it is indeed the auditory expression of sex appeal. 

Friday Night Time Warp” meets all the criteria of those “crowd pick-me-up” types of songs. Blending old-school funk and R&B, it will easily flourish in any setting - may it be a nightspot or company gathering. Exhibiting beats with an undeniable groove and wit, it is poised to capture the listening senses that will prompt the audience to move their body. 

Pre-orderFriday Night Time Warp” now, ahead of its formal release on August 5th. In the meantime, check out BadCameo’s discography via your favorite streaming platform, including Spotify. Connect with BadCameo via their website and Instagram to get real-time updates.

About BadCameo

The three-piece band is based out of Tampa Bay, composed of funky boys Lando Pieroni (vocals, guitar), Geoff Weber (keyboard, bass, flute), and Dan Mead (drums). Their motto is “fuse whatever you got into this music,” resulting in a unique cocktail of grooves they call Indie-Funk Fusion. Originating in North Carolina in 2017, they were seen performing over 200 times, sharing the stage with notable musicians like electronic pop duo Sylvan Esso, jam-alt rock band Kendall Street Company, and NC band Of Good Nature, just to name a few. 

Their debut album ‘BadCameo Out Loud’ came out in 2020, followed by hit singles ‘baby come back to me,’ ‘so cold,’ and ‘discotec’ in 2021. This year has also seen them earn a slot at the renowned Gasparilla Music Festival, which opened doors to three separate tours that lasted more than three months on the road and 60+ shows. If that’s not enough, the “baby come back to me” tour saw them perform in 13 states. With more than 20 shows already lined up for this summer alone, BadCameo doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, bringing an all-out dance party for people of all genders and races. 

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