Ground-breaking and fearless social awareness storyteller Julia L. Rosengren releases her latest film, "Leaves."

Julia Rosengren debuts "Leaves," a film that inspires social and environmental change.

(Los Angeles, CA) July 17th, 2022Julia Rosengren addresses severe environmental problems with her latest film, "Leaves." Captivating and magnetic, "Leaves" is about the special connection everyone has with Nature and tells the story of an academic-minded woman, played by Julia, who discovers the emotional connection between herself and an ailing red oak tree in her backyard. 

The film uses compelling cinematic storytelling to raise profound awareness of climate change and other environmental issues Earth faces, such as global warming, wildfires, and deforestation. Julia reveals, "The motivation behind "Leaves" comes from me sending a positive message to the world and making a difference. My goal is to plant an important message to enact social change and responsibility to help make a difference for our Planet's future."

Julia L. Rosengren believes that bringing awareness to social and environmental causes is her life's purpose. Through her creative ability to use film as a vessel for storytelling, she provides education, resources, inspiration, and support to communities and carefully selected causes. Julia states, "I am a culturist and philanthropist as I have a love for our Planet. So I want to make films that send a positive message to the world about friendships, love, and saving our Planet." 

"Leaves" is Julia's catalyst for revealing that humanity is not separate from Nature. Instead, she believes a significant reason the world is experiencing so many environmental problems is that, as humans, we separate ourselves from Nature instead of understanding nature is one with humanity. The short film will also include an original song performed by singer Rose Short, for which Julia is currently creating a music video. 

Despite successes in various business ventures and explorations, Julia finally found a home for her soul when she ventured into the world of philanthropy and oversees more than a dozen philanthropic projects. One closest to her heart is Movies Making A Difference, a 501c3 that creates feature films highlighting social issues and giving back to communities. 

As a fearless creative with an entrepreneurial spirit, Julia believes using film and creative projects to convey positive messages makes her proud. She genuinely hopes that her latest "Leaves" will resonate with audiences and inspire changes in behavior that protect our Planet's well-being.  

Julia is currently planning a screening for "Leaves" in September 2022. For information and updated project announcements, visit her website. 

About Julia L. Rosengren

Julia L. Rosengren grew up in poverty in the small northern Brazilian town of Timbaúba. At an early age, Julia was determined to make a better future for herself and her family. She eventually moved to Miami, Florida, where she earned her mark in the highly competitive world of modeling. Julia continued her success as a model worldwide, including becoming the international spokesmodel for the top-shelf vodka, Brilliant. With every journey, Julia would immerse herself in the country's culture, and to date, she speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Catalan, and Danish. 

Constantly reinventing and challenging herself, Julia's previous work includes hosting a London talk show and as a fashion consultant for the iconic French department store chain Galeries Lafayette. From there, she completed a master chef class that led to her becoming an in-demand executive chef for her own upscale catering company, "Julia's Cuisine Exotique," in the Golden Triangle area of Europe. 

Julia's passion eventually took her to the United States, where her love of languages expanded, and she enrolled as a student of Russian in the Modern Languages Department at the University of Central Florida. In addition, she became a part of the academic culture in Florida by granting scholarships to deserving students. Julia currently lives in Florida and is focused on making films that inspire and provoke social and environmental change. She is working on a sequel to "Leaves," and "Carmelita" is set to begin filming soon. 

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