Reimagining The Essence of Soulful Country Music: Matt Malone Unveils “The Frontlines.”

(Los Angeles, CA) June 23, 2022 - Country music is one of those genres that commonly uses the same lyrical themes, whether it’s about loss, culture, religion, or most commonly, love and heartache. Singer-songwriter Matt Malone has tapped into exactly that, creating his own invigorating folk-infused, pop-country ballad. “The Frontlines” is Malone’s sophomore album, recorded with award-winning producer and engineer Bill Palmer at Torreón Studio, a professional full facility recording studio in Santa Fe, NM. 

Going about his artistry in a natural, unembellished fashion, Matt Malone is seen teaming up with Jon Graboff (Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones), who played the pedal steel on a few of the songs. Running 27-minute in length, “The Frontlines” illustrates a story about leaving something behind. 

While his 2020 debut record, “Handle,” revolves around the phase of breaking up, “The Frontlines” is a reflective and optimistic album about starting over. The restlessness that inspires change, the nostalgia that occurs after leaving, and the excitement, anxiety, and even sadness of a new chapter. Known for penning songs that come straight from the heart, Malone exhibits his vulnerability, honesty, and storytelling exceptionally well. 

The Frontlines” is now streaming on major music platforms, including Spotify and Bandcamp

About Matt Malone

Matt Malone is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who often plays live around the area. He started his musical journey at the tender age of 4 as a classically trained pianist. He transitioned to guitar around the age of 13 and started playing in alt-country and rock bands in Washington DC. By his 20s, he is already on the road playing solo singer-songwriter shows throughout the US. 

Drawing influences ranging from Bob Dylan, The Eagles, and Frank Sinatra to Bon Iver, Ray LaMontagne, and Tyler Childers, his music combines folk, country, and rock influences. Packaging a brilliant blend of the genres, Malone transcends emotions and barriers, elevating his music to a level the listeners have always longed for. 

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