Offering Riveting Spin on EDM Music: Agaapi Astounds With "Summer Days"

(Los Angeles, CA) July 8th, 2022 - Agaapi is a Cleveland-based music producer on a quest! He sets out to stir up the spirit with his musical creations. Aiming to put as much love into his music and invoke various emotions in his listeners, it is clear that the primary focus is to make them move their bodies and dance. And surely, he's achieved that with his previous projects, including the well-received 2021 track, "Light It Up." Building on that wave of momentum, Agaapi has graced us once again with another summer hit, "Summer Days." Freshly released on July 1st, the EP runs almost 13-minute long and is primed to dominate the music landscape at beach parties, clubs, and night spots throughout the sizzling summer months and beyond.

Setting the tone of the entire project, "Summer Days" starts off with the track, "Oceanside." Featuring the major party vibes, it exudes an aura of being somewhere on a distant island, immersing yourself in a tropical getaway. Nostalgic "Feel It" comes in next. It is a song about the feeling of pure happiness. Bringing back the 2010-2014 EDM vibes with a nice 2022 touch, it immediately captivates your listening senses. Featuring broken-down synths, "Speed" immediately creates energy in the beginning, making it a great party song. It undeniably gives a speedrunner vibe, hence the name Speed. Last but not the least, "Take Care" presents a more relaxed vibe compared to the former tracks. Drenched with an ethereal atmospheric effect, it offers an effortless aura to keep the party going. "Summer Days" is a testament to the expertise that Agaapi brings to the table. His discerning ear for arrangement and structure not only hits you musically but envelops your interest from the first note to the end.

Summer Days” is now available for streaming via music platforms, including Spotify. Hit up Agaapi via his Twitter account to know more about his endeavors.

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