Flaring Up The Music Scene: The Fats Take Off With Debut Album, Rock & Roll Fantasy

(Los Angeles, CA) July 8th, 2022 - When it comes to Rock, very few emerging artists are meaningfully impacting the fabric of the genre with their dynamic compositions. One such musical collective that is driven by an infectious draw to captivate listeners is The Fats. Three years in the making, they finally step out with their debut full-length project, “Rock & Roll Fantasy.” Engineered and mixed at the recording studio The Sound Module and mastered at Ryan Morey Audio Mastering, all nine tracks capture the spirit of Rock N’ Roll. Overall, it talks about the indulgence, sex, and illicit stimulants surrounding the band and their quest to splurge a little. 

A seasoned collective in the world of music, The Fats were formed in the cold months of 2018 in the heart of Montreal, Quebec. The trio includes James Chiha (vocals/guitars), Alex Kotsornithis (guitars), and Brandon Benwell (drums). They were first seen in the streaming scene in 2019 with the release of “Dirty Shirley,” and now they are back injecting a dose of their signature cutting-edge sound into “Rock & Roll Fantasy.” Known for their compelling and vibrant rock soundscape that listeners revel in, “Rock & Roll Fantasy” is a product of noteworthy collaboration with other talented creatives, namely Steve Creep, Sam Fortin, and Conor Antenucci. In addition, the album features the covers "Big Boss Man" and "Walkin' the Dog" originally performed in the 1960s by famed American blues musicians Jimmy Reed and Rufus Thomas, respectively. 

Embracing the core rock elements while also incorporating a masterful blend of guitar and blues, “Rock & Roll Fantasy” is an immense listening experience and indeed displays The Fats’ outstanding showmanship. It is now available everywhere, including Apple and Spotify. Follow the band via Instagram to stay up to date. For bookings and other inquiries, contact thefatsofficial@gmail.com

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