Blazing A Trail of Innovation: Brad Urba Brings Listeners Into His Multi-Genre Universe

(Los Angeles, CA) July 12, 2022 - Brad Urba is a passionate singer-songwriter who continues to gain greater exposure with every passing day. His vocals immediately let the listener sink into the atmosphere he’s effortlessly created, showcasing his limitless songwriting ability. Packed full of hook-ridden melodies and relatable lyrics about the duality of humankind, the good and the bad, “Monster” is his newest single destined to catch the ear of many, not just a few. 

Hailing from MD and OR, Brad Urba began writing poetry at an early age and eventually transitioned to writing music after experimenting with freestyle rhyming. Although he didn’t instantly realize his passion for singing until roughly 2017, he grew up listening to rap and was heavily influenced by it, leading him to turn his poems into rap songs. He has had the pleasure of opening for hip-hop luminaries like KRS-One, E-40, and Chingy, to name a few. His interest in writing other genres unfolded about five years ago when he and his wife went to the Stagecoach Music Festival in the Coachella Valley. After hearing some of the songs from top Pop/Country performers he thought to himself that he might be able to write songs that would entertain similar audiences. Days later he wrote and recorded ‘Cheers To More Love,’ his first-ever country song.  Later trying his attempt at another genre, writing ‘Let Me In,’ a pop song that has received nothing but positive feedback. From there on, he didn’t believe in limiting himself to one specific genre anymore, which opened up some opportunities for his tracks to be placed in TV and films, such as Californication, Limitless, and multiple other commercial spots. 

Being versatile with his creations, Brad Urba wholeheartedly believes that the whole point of being an artist is to expand one’s creative horizons and think out of the box in order to come up with new and unique ideas. Intending to expand his creative boundaries continuously, he keeps his mind open to new inspirations that revolve around every facet of life. Self-producing his own work, Brad Urba possesses an undeniable and relentless want to create and innovate. He aims for his listeners to be able to relate and he seeks to impart a feeling of positivity, familiarity, and connection. His songs execute that exactly. Creating whatever comes to his mind and not caring about genres has made Brad Urba an extremely flexible artist, making him stand out amongst other artists of this era. 

Monster,” his latest release, is now available for streaming on all major platforms. Check out Brad Urba’s discography by visiting his Spotify profile and website for more details.

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