Creating Legacy One Song At A Time: Jacob Rice Announces The Hit Single, “How A Man Treats A Lady”

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(Los Angeles, CA) July 15, 2022 - A dynamic artist who is driven to embed himself into the fabric of Country music, Tennessee showstopper Jacob Rice guarantees to make the audience groove to the blend of Country and Pop in his upcoming track, “How A Man Treats A Lady.” Set to be released on July 22, “How A Man Treats A Lady” is the lead single off his much-anticipated official debut EP, “Whatever Floats Your Boat,” coming out in August. In this project, Jacob Rice teams up with the producer and great friend, James Sinclair-Stott, to perfect it.  

Characterized by soulful and expressive vocals embedded seamlessly within catchy and memorable rhythms, “How A Man Treats A Lady” revolves along the lines - that sometimes all it takes to attract a partner is to be playful, confident, and be your truest, laidback or crazy self. Want to create an amazing relationship with a woman? Pay attention to her, keep the spark alive, and give her little gifts. Jacob Rice humorously says, “Fellas, it’s not that hard. Just be lighthearted, open, and fun! And when she asks if you wanna dance, ALWAYS SAY YES!”

Jacob Rice’s musical inspirations, stemming from the work of legends like Old Dominion, Dierks Bentley, and Bruno Mars, to name a few, weave together witty lyricism and outstanding songwriting. Unforgettable lines like, “Give a little sugar honey, spend some money” and “Let me take you downtown, all around / I’ll show you how a man treats a lady…” grapples the listening senses all throughout. Creating a positive and feel-good impact through his music, “How A Man Treats A Lady” will not disappoint. 

Pre-saveHow A Man Treats A Lady,” and make sure to check out Jacob Rice via his website and social media accounts

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About Jacob Rice

Jacob Rice hails from a small town in Vermont and is now based in Tennessee. He grew up enjoying the great outdoor scenery and writing his songs by the river. Although he’s only been on the streaming scene since last April, he is beyond doubt no stranger to the music world. Known for his earnest lyricism and first-rate acts, Jacob Rice has been performing at renowned venues around Nashville, gaining him well-deserved accolades - “Rising Talent” by the prestigious Bluebird Cafe, the Middle Tennessee finalist of the 2022 Tennessee Songwriters Week competition, and the January 2021 Golden Pick Winner by The Bluebird Cafe and Taylor Guitars. More new music is on the way for Jacob Rice, who another legendary venue, The Listening Room Cafe, just chose as their “Unsigned Artist of the Month.” Stacking his milestones with a pair of hard work and dedication, Jacob Rice’s star indeed continues to rise. 

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