Heating Up The Music Scene: BrittKatt Releases "Shade Room"

(Los Angeles, CA) July 21, 2022 - A multi-genre musician that’s ready to blaze the stages is BrittKatt. This time, she steps out to give us a flare of the Hip-Hop world with her unique style of music. With a stunning blend of enriching rhythms and lyricism, BrittKatt is proving her haters wrong and making a name for herself within the industry.

On a mission to restore her listener’s confidence, she offers the new track, “Shade Room,” waving off the non-supporters in favor of self-reliance and joy. Running almost 3-minute long, the motivational track’s core message serves as a reminder that we should never back down and turn a blind eye to negativity. BrittKatt shares, “I want to inspire people and give them the confidence boost they need. In today’s world, with everything going on, people need that confidence boost. I like making people feel good.” 

A scintillating anthem that boasts all the compact elements of a radio staple, BrittKatt stuns in “Shade Room” with her certified freestyle-flavored lyrics swerving through the instrumentation effortlessly. Offering dope and heavy blows that captures attention from start to finish, BrittKatt displays efficient versatility that marks the arrival of a major talent. 

Shade Room” is now available worldwide via streaming platforms, including SoundCloud. Follow BrittKatt via her Instagram handle to get real-time updates. 

About BrittKatt

Brittany Clay, professionally known as BrittKatt, hails from the small town of Hillsboro, Alabama. Since she was a kid, she knew that music was running in her veins - daydreaming her own music videos with any music she listened to. She first embarked on the usual academic track, but after realizing that she deserved to go after what she truly wanted, she decided to pursue a career in entertainment. Also a model and actress, BrittKatt is particularly influenced by big names like Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lady Gaga, to name a few. Her music ranges from Pop and R&B to Rock and Rap, making her one of the promising and all-around talents of this era. 

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