Airing Heartfelt Sentiments: Black Sweater Announces Their Debut Full-Length Project, “That Girl I Knew"

After the successful release of “Moves Like You,” “Wonder Why,” and six other singles, Black Sweater gears up for the release of “That Girl I Knew.”

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(Los Angeles, CA) July 22nd, 2022 – Reflecting on different facets of a relationship, “That Girl I Knew (notes on a relationship in no particular order)” is the forthcoming project from indie pop/rock band, Black Sweater. Set to be officially released on July 29th, the 16-track album was crafted by San Diego brothers Sam and Caleb Sheffield in their home studio and is nothing short of a showstopper. The album features a range of emotions that span from the soulful bliss of “Wonder Why” to the insecurity of “Pretty Lonely” and the bitterness of “Crimson Colored Carpet.” The album encapsulates the ups and downs of a relationship, as seen through the vision of songwriter Sam. Musically, there is something for everyone: Introspective ambient instrumental pieces, driving rock songs, and buttery smooth pop tunes. 

Black Sweater previously gave their listeners previews of the project, releasing tracks like the debut laidback single, “You’re Too Late,” which relates to lovers being at two different places in a relationship, the recent “Stream of Consciousness,” which speaks to the mystery of falling for someone, and “Wonder Why,” which declares unconditional love. Other previously released tunes include “Moves Like You,” “The Answer,” “What to Say,” “Only Friend,” and “Who’s to Blame.”

That Girl I Knew” expands on the relationship theme and includes six new, unreleased songs, including “Pretty Lonely,” which is a song about being insecure draped in a driving, punk-pop refrain. Other new tracks include “Helpless,” a song about the exasperation people feel when the relationship isn’t going well and nothing seems to work, and “Speak to Me,” a soft love song about adoring the one you care for. Other new tracks include “Street Lights,” “Insane,” and the hard-driving “Crimson Colored Carpet.” An absolute must-listen, “That Girl I Knew” will undoubtedly resonate with those who like intimately crafted indie pop/rock.  

That Girl I Knew” will be out worldwide on July 29th via major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. Support Black Sweater by following them via their Instagram and TikTok accounts or their website to know more about their upcoming releases, including new music videos. 

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About Black Sweater

Black Sweater is San Diego bothers Sam Sheffield (songwriter, multi-instrumentalist) and Caleb Sheffield (drummer, composer). Both Sam and Caleb started playing in garage rock bands and exploring jazz in middle school, which continued throughout high school and into college. They began writing songs and composing music a few years ago, which eventually grew to become Black Sweater.

Drawing influences from well-known bands like The Strokes, Cigarettes After Sex, The Eagles, and ELO, to name a few, they formed the band and made their first splash in the streaming scene in August 2021 with their debut track and music video, “You’re Too Late.” Since then, they have released seven singles that will be part of the debut full-length album, “That Girl I Knew.” With this album, Black Sweater wants to take you on a musical journey about relationships and help you find a song you can relate to and fall in love with. 

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