Bringing Vibrancy To The Industry: Agaapi Continues To Set The Summer On Fire With "Flying Feeling."

(Los Angeles, CA) August 9, 2022 - Painting over the bleak, socially-distanced landscape with the electronically-charged pulses of EDM music, 20-year-old dance music producer Agaapi’s newest track, “Flying Feeling,” took flight last August 1. Before listening to his new sound, we feel that it’s worth looking back on his debut EP “Summer Days,” which transported his listeners to a world of sun-kissed wonder with his high-octane beats and euphoric melodies. 

The carefree vibes of Agaapi’s four tracks on the EP aimed to capture the feeling of long, lazy days spent outdoors. The upbeat opener “Oceanside,” with its driving bassline and shimmering synths, creates an irresistible sense of summertime joy that is sure to get any crowd moving. Elsewhere on the EP, Agaapi demonstrates his versatility as an artist with tracks that range from optimistic future house jams like “Feel It” and “Speed” to more mellow moments like “Take Care.” Overall, “Summer Days” is an infectious collection of dance music that will have you dreaming of sunny skies and endless summers long after it ends.

Before the "Summer Days" EP came to be, Agaapi was already belting out magnetic pulses with his songs "Sunset," "Scuba Duba," and "Light It Up," with the latter hit garnering 11K streams on Spotify alone. Agaapi's production style is unique and instantly recognizable; his beats are melodic and groove-oriented, evident in his tracks’ thumping beat and lush synths. 

Blending elements of progressive house, electro house, and trance into an infectious mix that is both uplifting and danceable, Agaapi’s music has quickly won him a loyal following among fans of electronic dance music in the past two years as an emerging musician. With its catchy hooks and feel-good vibes, it was impossible not to be swept up in Agaapi’s infectious sound.

Taking cues from household names like Denver-based DJ Lane 8 and Canadian electronic duo Sultan + Shepherd, his newest single, “Flying Feeling,” is a perfect example of his signature sound – a mix of progressive house, electro house, and trance that certainly exudes positive ambiance. 

Flying Feeling” is a blissful journey into the world of EDM music. It marries jazz-funk with deep house, along with soaring synths. The result is a boost and euphoric track, providing an escape from the everyday grind and transporting listeners to a higher plane. Agaapi’s music offers a listening experience that is both calming and energizing. Building slowly before erupting into a beautiful refrain that will stick in the listener’s mind long after the song ends, “Flying Feeling” perfectly encapsulates the feeling of soaring free, delivering an unforgettable sonic experience.

Agaapi’s electronic exploration is only in its first steps, but he already has an ear for creating unique sounds that blend disparate genres to create something new and exciting. Not showing any signs of slowing down, he is also set to release another single on August 26 via GNIX Music, titled “Won’t Let You Go.” His passion and talent are sure to result in more great music in the future, so keep an eye out for Agaapi – you’re going to be hearing his name a lot more in the years to come!

Flying Feeling” is now available worldwide, including Spotify. For more information about Agaapi, follow him via Instagram and Twitter

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