Stingosaurus: A Rising Creator and Musician To Watch Out For

(Los Angeles, CA) August 10, 2022 - From messing around with Karaoke apps and making bedroom beats to creating magnetic pulses of music, 20-year-old American emerging artist Stingosaurus may sound like he can sting, but his electropop 2020 single “Nervous” proves his sensitivity in his unfiltered lyrics about the nerve-wracking realities of falling in love. Set against a head-bopping, slipping and sliding beat that wouldn’t be out of place on an early Charlie Puth album—all filtered through a vocoder for extra robotic flavor—Stingosaurus lays his feelings bare for all to hear.

The song’s beat is catchy and upbeat, but Stingosaurus’ lyrics are what make it really stand out. His words are raw, honest, and relatable, perfectly capturing the confusing emotions of new love. He may be nervous about love, but with this bopper, anyone can give it a listen and feel like it’s the perfect pick-me-up for those love-sick, achy feelings. 

Taking inspirational cues from sensational pop artists like Charlie Puth, Stingosaurus aims to be just as carefree when sharing his feelings through his music. “My goal is for the track to include a powerful sound and feel to it, or at least something that they will remember for a while,” he says, and with better tools to take his passion to the next level, he’s well on his way.

Before paving his first steps as a would-be pop artist, Stingosaurus was simply Christian Iannone, a passionate singer-creator who made bop covers of his favorite songs behind doors. Other than his dreams of being a pop artist, his roots lay in voice acting and animation, which is why he took a degree in Animation and Graphics Design. 

While Computer Animation is his main focus, he does lean towards voice acting more as he loves giving life and personality to his favorite characters. “I’ve always thought about becoming a full-time voice actor if I ever got the time. It’s always been something that intrigued me, and people have told me that I give off good and realistic impressions.” So how did Stingosaurus come to be?

His best friend dubbed him the nickname “Stingosaurus” in the late 2010s from his online persona “Stingray,” and now he’s setting a name for himself as an artist with this. “I decided to make this my artist name so that I can often remember this nostalgic period of my life.”

Taking charge of his creative pursuits, Stingosaurus plans on making new songs as he gains newer and better tools to help capture his artistic endeavors. In 2021, he made a heartfelt collaboration with artist Vivienne Rose! called “Iceice,” a cold portrayal of the delicate nature of relationships, one that resonates with its hauntingly mesmerizing vocals and synth beats that punch straight to the heart of anyone who listens to it. 

Up on the list of Stingosaurus’ future releases include a cover of “Paris,” a 2017 top-charter by The Chainsmokers, and to fan the flames of the exciting rumor circulating around, he may even distribute another cover of 2018 pop hit “BOY” by Charlie Puth. Putting a refreshing twist on his musical influences while still staying true to their original sound, there’s plenty of room to explore for this budding pop artist. 

Stingosaurus is up in the fast-paced, creative landscape, and his future is brighter than ever. If you want to join this promising pop artist’s musical journey, it’s worth following his Instagram, TikTok, and official YouTube channel to catch his rhythmic renditions of his passions. Ready to go with the flow of his emotions and inner muse, he’s on a deep artistic dive, and he’s sure to make waves. 

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