Jessica Lynn weaves a tale of loves provoking emotions with her latest video, "The Morning Always Comes."

 Jessica Lynn invites us on a visual journey to a vulnerable place with “The Morning Always Comes.”

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(Los Angeles, CA) August 12th, 2022 – Singer-songwriter Jessica Lynn releases a much-awaited music video that brings sound to life with the cinematic allure of "The Morning Always Comes." Complimenting the lyrics and her strong vocals, the thought-provoking, and emotional video brings rich and movie-like production to her signature sound of blues melodies, modern pop, and country. 

Destined to be a video favorite, "The Morning Always Comes" is a stunning and creative concept that perfectly captures the storyline and symbolic meaning of the lyrics. The ambiance and aesthetic of the video enhance the instrumentals and vocal arrangement while keeping the messaging simplistic and intriguing. 

Shot at a private home in Brewster, New York, it took Jessica months to find the perfect backdrop for the video. Inspired by classic/old charm paired with a distinct feeling and vibe in every room, the home brought Jessica's vision to life. 

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Provoking and vulnerable, the video brings heightened imagery to Jessica's inner thoughts and feelings that will linger in the minds of those watching. The video is an illuminating glimpse at love lost that was shot and edited by Sean Tracy, a trusted creative who Jessica has worked with on almost every video she has done since April 2020. Jessica states, "Sean is very kind and supportive in addition to being an amazing creative force."   

Performed with passion and movie star showmanship, Jessica gives her heart and soul, leaving her most vulnerable feelings for all to see. With heartfelt authenticity, cinematic storytelling, and her signature sound, "The Morning Always Comes" video demonstrates she is ready for the big screen. 

Jessica states, "The Morning Always Comes" is one of my favorite songs I've ever written. I was sitting in my living room one afternoon, and it just came to me as if I had sung the lyrics and melody a million times before. So I ran inside and completed the entire arrangement in under 30 minutes. I remember feeling something very special when I put down my pencil."

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Destined to become a household name, you can catch her on stage this summer and fall with her incredible and hypnotic live energy on her "Lone Rider" Tour, Powered by Kiesel Custom Guitars. 

"The Morning Always Comes" is now available for streaming on major platforms, and the video is available on YouTube. 


About Jessica Lynn

Jessica Lynn is a musical force quickly becoming the next big music star. Her signature voice and sound sets her apart from other musicians on the music scene. In addition to her success as an award-winning international performer, Jessica illuminates humanitarian causes as an advocate for our military, the arts, and animals and as a mentor for young women, children, and performing artists worldwide. However, the stage is where she feels most at home, and this summer and fall, she is touring across America. For tickets and tour dates, visit here. 

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