New Music Alert: Young Cardi Steps On The Gas In “WORTH IT”

Freshly released just a few weeks ago, Young Cardi’s “WORTH IT” is unquestionably a hit. 

(Los Angeles, CA) August 17, 2022 - While sharing a similar name with a popular rapper, Young Cardi has been steadily making his own indelible mark in the music industry. Young Cardi is a hip-hop artist quickly gaining popularity, with over 5 million streams across all platforms. With his most popular song, "F.I.L," streamed over 2 million times, he is certainly an artist to watch out for.

Since he was 16, Young Cardi has been professionally involved in music. He was born and raised in the Billionaires’ Playground, Monaco, and has always loved music - may it be creating, performing, or playing various instruments. He loves the creative process of music and can't get enough of it. He shares, “I started playing instruments and performing shows when I was young, but about a year and a half ago, I decided to pursue music as a career. I also consider it therapy, so I hope my fans are inspired in some way during these dark and crazy times.

Young Cardi's songs also quickly gain attention; one, in particular, is the latest project, WORTH IT, which has rapidly pulled hundreds of thousands of streams just within a few days after its released. Produced by NiNETY8 and Bled Beats, Young Cardi indeed brings an exceptional flow and vocal delivery in "WORTH IT” that pours out 100% authenticity, making it “worth” the audience’s love. Keeping the trend upwards, Young Cardi exhibits a distinct beat meshing a core hip-hop tune with a melodic style into one presentation. Indeed one of the most promising young European artists and the first rapper to put Monaco on the map, the track was accompanied by a compelling visual directed by Farido Davis, showing off not just beautiful views in the sovereign city-state on the French Riviera but also Young Cardi’s versatility and evident potential as an artist. 

This artist's talent comes from the fact that the entertainment business runs in his family's blood. His grandmother, Laila Iman, was a very successful and popular actress in Egypt and other Arab countries. She was so loved that they called her the "Queen of the Nile." Young Cardi is now following in her grandmother's footsteps and undoubtedly rising fast. He was also seen on top of the iTunes charts in Austria, reaching second place, and stayed there for over a month. 

Speaking about his upcoming projects, Young Cardi says, "I am also about to release a big feature with a UK artist in the next few months, so stay tuned for that. I also have a few shows that will be announced soon. Watch out for the tickets as this will be my first ever couple of solo shows." Dedicated to releasing smash hit songs every month for his fans, Young Cardi is all set to make a difference and win the hearts of listeners and critics alike. 

WORTH IT” is now available worldwide, including on Spotify and YouTube. Make sure to follow Young Cardi via his Instagram handle to know more about his endeavors, including an upcoming mixtape in the pipeline and his own clothing line, “Y-C.” 

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