Shameless and without taboo, Gungor uses music to embrace the whole human experience with their latest single, "A Million I's."

Gungor  displays their authentic nature and spiritual journey with the release of "A Million I's." 

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(Los Angeles, CA) September 2nd, 2022 – Grammy nominated artist Gungor releases an authentic and vulnerable single, "A Million I's." Their latest is the first single off their upcoming album set for release in Fall 2022 and is packed with shameless lyrics ensuring listeners will feel drawn and inspired while singing along.  

"A Million I's" exudes healing energy while taking listeners on a journey filled with acceptance and community. Flooded with infectious beats, the single will fill listeners' hearts with self-confidence and an unsought enrichment of one's soul. 

Gungor is known for creativity and boundless imagination, and their music is emersed with intricate sounds and distinct beats. The band believes sound and lyrics are an outlet for self-expression, creativity, and connection and loves using them as a tool to provide acceptance and empowerment.

"A Million I's" is a powerful and moving track that highlights Gungor's unique tone and sound ability. Led by frontman and mastermind Michael Gungor, the band believes we all have our moments of shadow and light, and music is the catalyst and means allowing all to embrace both. Most importantly, Michael is a vessel of incredible realness and non-conformity. His tremendous creativity and talent have positioned him to reach unimaginable heights and be a force in the recording industry. 

Spending his childhood in a religious household, Michael states, "Growing up in a Christian purity culture took a lot of time to heal from, so I have a lot of interest in using my music, story, and other creative media to help people embrace their full human experience." He defines his signature sound as psychedelic gospel and has a lot of thoughts about the relationship between spirituality, psychedelics, and sex. 

"A Million I's" is available on major music platforms. For information about Gungor and upcoming projects, visit their website. 

About Gungor

Gungor is the epitome of creativity and authenticity. Created by Michael Gungor, a nondual spiritual teacher, author, and podcaster with two podcasts underway. One that is award-winning called "The Liturgists," which, at its height, had millions of downloads, and the second podcast is called "Loving THIS." Michael has been featured in USA Today, NPR, and more, and fans can hear his music featured in different commercials and trailers. Michael is now thriving with the upcoming relaunch of his band "Gungor" and album, "Love Song to Life." 

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