Nellagy Breaks On To The Scene With “Liq Enthusiast”

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(Los Angeles, CA) August 29, 2022 - Jill Scott, Patti LaBelle, Hall & Oates, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Questlove all have one thing in common—the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Decades from each other, all these musicians grew and gave the world classics in the R&B, Pop, Hip-hop, and Rap genres. Soon, another artist will join their ranks as he makes a mark with his latest single. This is Nellagy's story and his latest three-minute production, "Liq Enthusiast."

Ironically, the rising hip-hop star was initially aversed in making music. "I hated the music industry," he recounts. He was always determined never to let it touch him. "My father always struggled to make it in the industry, so it gave me a negative impression about being a man, father, and family provider." 

However, as he got older, he realized his true calling was making music. And so, in a strange twist of fate, Nellagy's father taught him to write music and create beats in their basement studio. Nellagy tapped into his most powerful influence to drive his passion, "My biggest musical inspiration has been my emotions. I've always been a person in tune with feelings; each song that's written usually manifests those feelings. It drives my creative process and unlocks new potentials in my craft with each song." Nellagy has been focusing on his music career since he left his job as a Systems Engineer, performing on stages from Philadelphia to New York while releasing numerous singles. 

After years of performing, Nellagy recently embarked on a journey, signing a marketing, distribution, and public relations deal with Unable Music Group. Culminating in a brand new studio album to be released in May 2023, laid in the pipeline are eight new songs and at least five new music videos. There will also be performances, special events, partnerships, and collaborations leading up to the main event.

One of the eight songs is his newest single—Liq Enthusiast. "I wanted to write something that embodied the typical party atmosphere but with a twist on it. To that end, I flipped the term alcoholic to Liq Enthusiast and described the antics that come with being out with friends with a drink in hand. It's not about getting drunk, but enjoying a few drinks or two with your buddies while having a good time, not doing anything to hurt anyone."

He continues, "Liq Enthusiast is a person who lives their life unapologetically and enjoys everything they do. They are always ready for a good time and love to have fun. I want my listeners to feel that every time they listen to my song."

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Nellagy describes his music as a blend of Hip Hop and R&B. R&B brings a deep emotional connection, while Hip-hop allows more versatility in the topics, which results in a personal and emotion-filled signature sound he calls "mood music." Gaining a ton of attention from key industry players and music lovers alike, Nellagy looks forward to continuing his musical journey, making more music he's passionate about. Known for creating songs that exhibit sentiments about life, the spotlight is indeed on Nellagy

"Liq Enthusiast" is now available everywhere, including Spotify. Visit Nellagy's official website and Instagram to get real-time updates. 

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