Get Amped Up With Emsee’s New Track & Music Video, “Damn.”

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(Los Angeles, CA) Sept 2, 2022 - Taking over the South Coast with his undisguised beats and sharp-witted bangers, the spotlight is on rapper Emsee with his new single, “Damn," featuring equally head-bopping artists KNG GST and Big Tone. A potential top-charter taken from his 2022 album project, "Limbo," the single is a bonafide standout. 

The music video was directed by none other than Matt Rush, with the artists put on center stage to express their craft at their finest. "My goal for the video was to execute a visual as simple and cliche as possible." Indeed, hitting play on "Damn" will show you how simplicity doesn't have to be boring—with Emsee behind the scene, he's sure to pack a powerful punch.

Belting out his pride in candid bars, Emsee isn’t afraid to express his arrogance through his hard-hitting songs. “We are humans with complexities, it’s okay to feel self-centered sometimes."

With the gaps colored with vocals from KNG GST and Big Tone, Emsee builds an aggressive rhythmic landscape as he explores all that fame had to offer: a journey with side chicks and letting loose, but he ain't about to change his tune as he stays true to his crew. As Emsee says, "On the surface, ‘Damn’ is a song to get you amped up. It’s a song to vibe to on days you are feeling yourself. It’s a song to feel better than your usual self."

Living the high life, Emsee isn't afraid to boast about his conquests, and the result is a catchy, braggadocious track that's sure to get any party started. When you're feeling confident and proud of what you've accomplished, this is the perfect anthem to blast.

Emsee's lyrical prowess is undeniable. His innate ability to spin words into intricate, beautiful webs of meaning is something to behold. And while the greats undoubtedly inspire his lyrics, he also takes his cue from everyday life - from the people and things that surround him. "I am influenced by every conversation and emotion I have ever felt. It’s safe to say that I try to find a border between substance and musical appeal. Sometimes leaning a bit more towards one direction."

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From lunch-table freestyling in school to bedroom beats to making a name for himself as a budding rapper in today's saturated landscape, Emsee is proof that once you get the ball rolling for your passion, it won't stop spinning. “Pretty soon after, I found a love for crafting music. I spent my entire youth producing and recording with rappers around me,” Emsee notes. 

Everybody around me was much older than me, so I experienced life pretty quickly and explicitly. Although my music may be too much for some, my expression is a product of my experience.” Whether he's spitting bars about diamonds on his grill or simply rhyming for the sake of it, Emsee always brings his A-game.

With his catchy hooks and clever wordplay, Emsee is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. Keep an eye out for this rising star because he's sure to take the music world by storm. Don't let this fiery artist from Houston off your radar, and stay on top of his works by following his Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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