Bringing Punk Rock To The Forefront: Tarah Who? and Faul Join Forces In “Yay or Nay.”

(Los Angeles, CA) September 9, 2022 - Rock duo Tarah Who? recently teamed up with the punk trio from Spain, Faul, in releasing their latest single, “Yay or Nay.” Faul is a project by a group of fierce ladies who are passionate about music. Together with Tarah Who?, they have created a unique sound mix of different genres, including rock, punk, and electronic, and a combination of different languages!

Released via Kurukulla Records, “Yay or Nay” is full of attitude, to which each artist has added a little bit of their personality. Lead vocalist Corinna Rautenberg is German and sang her lyrics in her native language. While V Blanco and Laura Villar, who are both from Galicia, sang in Spanish. Tarah Carpenter carried out the performance in English, along with Coralie Hervé, who took care of the drums. Check out “Yay or Nay,” and you’ll hear how they’ve succeeded in creating a catchy and powerful sound!

Yay or Nay

Si o No

Wenn du nicht weisst, was ich brauche

Tu nicht so als ob du’s weisst

We can take rejection

We can take denial

We can take misfortune

We can take it all.

Yay or Nay

Si o No”

Yay or Nay” is simply about being able to be told “Yes” or “No.” “As independent artists, and in a very competitive world, we get a lot of vague answers as well as ‘not at this time.’ When, for any situation in life, it’s about a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ to keep moving forward..” shares Tarah Who? vocalist Tarah Carpenter.


Yay or Nay” is accompanied by a four-minute music video directed by Javier Caudillo, which was shot in the lovely town of Pontevedra. Tarah admittedly shares, “The music video is a great memory. It was all improvised, and we used the bar, which is owned by one of Faul's friends. We just walked around Pontevedra and wanted to capture the authenticity and vibe of that beautiful town. It's simple and raw, and I loved that everyone got together to make this shoot happen.” 

Indeed, with zero tolerance for nonsense and the grit to press on, Tarah Who? will keep telling their stories to any woman—or man—who will listen. “Yay or Nay” premieres today worldwide. Make sure to connect with Tarah Who? and Faul through their Instagram accounts and Spotify platforms for more information. 


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