Helical Network Announces The Release of the Empowering Book, “Natural Philosophy.”

"For the propagation of life, past the life expectancy of the Earth." - Helical

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(Los Angeles, CA) September 14, 2022 - Colorado-based research and development company, Helical, has a mission statement, propagation of life past the life expectancy of the Earth. They have recently announced one of their upcoming milestones, a book called Natural Philosophy.

In Natural Philosophy, Helical explains the universe's origins from a theoretical perspective. “The universe started before there was a bang! Small energies appeared, making black holes until one of them exploded into our universe. The universe made waves, which govern everything - from your taste in clothes to why you had a vegan dinner. These waves justify your thoughts and feelings, not just the big bang! With some semblance of orderliness, humans can build structures to house life after earth," they share. 

"These structures can be made out of superconductors which will outlast the universe! We have the supplies and the engineering capabilities TODAY! Let's get going on - propagation of life past the life expectancy of the earth!"

Natural Philosophy is about a new way of thinking, inspired by the work of John Locke, James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday, and others. This reasoning is based on the idea of hidden order in the universe and that we can tap into this order to create a better world. As a non-fiction treatise, it argues some new conjectures about the beginning of the universe and the true nature of time by expanding into wave mechanics and how evolution and emergent systems all have meaning and purpose.

This scientific and publishing feat resulted from the reflection about the possible end of all life and provoking people’s mindsets, all prompted by inspiration from a “very stately gentleman” to synthesize all the hypotheses into a legible document. “We want to make people feel empowered, that there is still an opportunity to build! Even more, there is a company with that sole interest in mind. With support and mindfulness, the future can be a comfortable and bright future, where life thrives instead of just surviving.”

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Written by Helical, Natural Philosophy is one of the rare times a book will be published under the name of its parent company—in this case, Ingram Publisher Services. Helical has worked on several types of research in the fields of physics and natural sciences, and the company is still working on research to this day. They have also acquired their first provisional patent relating to AI hardware. Their primary mission is to ensure that the propagation of life past the life expectancy of the Earth becomes a valid and achievable notion. 

Helical shares, “We desire to look at the universe through our lens and share its wonder and beauty with others. We are all influenced by intellectuals such as John Locke, James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday, and Stephen Hawking. We also touch on existentialism, quantum mechanics, and essays on the laws of nature, which come together to bring you our new book, which synthesizes all these views in this direction. And with our vast resources, we can all make a difference in developing a notion that our current life can exceed expectations. Pick up our book and learn to make sense of life from a grand, rational, and scientific perspective!

Natural Philosophy will be launched in October on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other ebook retailers via Helical. Visit their official website to know more.

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