Christie Trinwith Announces The Release of Exclusive New Edition of “Be a Real Model-Actor”

Featuring a new print cover, Christie Trinwith presents the hard copy of “Be a Real Model-Actor.”

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(Los Angeles, CA) September 14, 2022 - Breaking into the acting and modeling industry can be tough if you don’t have the right connections, timing, or both. Good thing Manhattan-based author Christie Trinwith gets real about the entire process with the re-release of her first book’s physical edition, “Be a Real Model-Actor,” in December 2022, with pre-selling over the Thanksgiving season. Originally published in April, the book offers helpful insights into the skills and knowledge needed to embark on a successful career in the entertainment industry.

What makes her a credible source for her first publishing project? She had modeling gigs in L'Oréal, Macy’s, Guess, Esprit, & Marvel films. “I was part of the cast and did my own stunts in ‘Black Panther,’” she recalls. “My other notable gigs include featured roles in TV series like ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Beverly Hills 90210,’ ‘White Collar,’ ‘Law & Order SVU,’ and ‘Sons of Hollywood.’”

While Trinwith enjoys the limelight, her first love is writing. “That’s my full-time job,” she shares. “I also realized it is best to chronicle all my experiences and opportunities in one book so people can also have the same chances I got to break into the industry.”

Without giving away too much, she describes her new book as a serious, powerful acting & modeling industry guide. “My tips will get you discovered and work with award-winning casting directors and the best, most professional top modeling agents.”

Trinwith continues, “We live in Hollywood's Golden Era of digital casting. While we can still go to auditions and casting calls, online media has eliminated most of the legwork. There is now unlimited access to castings, with all peoples, ages, sizes, ethnicities, and future generations welcome to be stars in history. All you need is a camera phone, email address, and social media pages to get yourself out there. You don’t even need your PC. You can get all these done at your local library.”

Aside from the connection aspect of the business, Trinwith also gets down to brass tacks regarding CVs and resumes. “My book won’t just teach you to land an acting or modeling job, but even the basics such as reading, writing, and vocabulary. I also resume writing, so aspiring actor-models know how to catch the eyes of casting directors from the moment they read about you on a piece of paper.”

Indeed, one of the first things she talks about is getting a decent headshot, resume, and portfolio ready for submission. “Headshots for acting are like your 1x1 photo ID for corporate resumes. It gives them a first glimpse of who they’re dealing with before seeing them in person. As such, casting directors will only accept hi-res, digital photos you can take with your camera phone in their submissions. When it comes to famous casting directors, they only accept legitimate up-to-date digital photos in focus when submitting for proper representation.”

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But on an even deeper level, Trinwith encourages readers to look beyond the role and tap into the character they’re playing. “The definition of a model is a three-dimensional representation of a person, item, or a  proposed structure typically on a small scale, then projected for the intended format. From there, you and the casting directors can focus on what you want that representation to do. You’ve got to be prepared with skill, too, because that ultimately lands you the job. The documentation process is just the cherry on top.

About The Author

Christie Trinwith hails from Monterey, California. Her writing journey started at the early age of 8. Inspired by her father, William Trinwith, she developed the prowess for writing songs, anthems, and poems. Fast forward, she is not only a professional writer but also a model and actress. In her spare time, she loves volunteering for the community. With untiring passion and immense networking under her sleeves, Christie Trinwith is indeed on the right track to success.

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