Spinning Tales of Love: Moody Bank$ Returns With Her Sophomore EP, "Feeling Colors."

Released via Publik Figure LTD, "Feeling Colors" by Moody Bank$ is now available worldwide.

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(Los Angeles, CA) September 16, 2022 - Moody Bank$ is an R&B/Soul musician based out of Austin, Texas, who possesses a diverse palette of artistic expression. The singer-songwriter, painter, creative director, and scriptwriter has an unrelenting passion deeply seeded in her, which manifested quickly into a flourishing career in the music industry. She unveiled today a new EP, "Feeling Colors," produced by Austin-based artist and producer BLK ODYSSY and producer Noah Fendz.

Feeling Colors” is a nine-track R&B collection comprising a whirlwind of sound that spins tales of love, heartbreak, and elevating consciousness. Featuring plush vocals and stylistic delivery, the SoCal-born recording artist epitomizes the soul. The lead single “Work It Out” is an illustrative reflection of the signature style that Moody Bank$ has developed - 90s R&B frame blended with her crisp alto and modern harmonious tones, making it sound like she’s singing it to you live. Her sultry, silky timbre indeed makes for an extraordinary listening experience.

Feeling Colors” is now available via major streaming platforms, including Spotify. Visit Moody Bank$’s official website, and make sure to follow her via Instagram to know more about her endeavors, including her new line of apparel. 

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About Moody Bank$ 

The story of Moody Bank$ begins in Torrance, CA, with her spending her childhood oil painting, creating unique fashion pieces, doing digital animations, writing scripts, and playing sports with her two older brothers. After finishing college, she soon relocated to Austin and landed a booking scheduler job at the local studio Softspoken ATX. After hearing other artists, she realized that she, too, could make music as melodies and words would instantly pop into her head. She started making music in her spare time, eventually honed her skills, and the rest was history. 

Over the years, Moody Bank$ has solidified her unique brand via her avant-garde catalog of music. Known for her smokey alto sound and lo-fi R&B production, she burst on the streaming scene with a splash in 2020 with the release of her debut single, “Quaran’tea.” It was then followed by the hit track, “DREAMPORT,” amassing over 100K streams on Spotify alone. October of the same year saw her release the debut EP, “Full Blunts and Full Moons,” which includes her highly rated singles, “Saturday” and “Strawberry Amnesia,” both placed on various playlists and achieved coverage on a multitude of media outlets. 2021 also saw Moody Bank$ deliver well-received tracks “Loving You” and “Rollercoaster.”

This year, she continues the trend and is ready to take her career to new heights. Aside from being named this September as “KUTX Radio’s Artist of the Month,” she gave her fans a preview of “Feeling Colors” when she released the lead track, “Work It Out.” An evocative blend of R&B, soul, and pop, Moody Bank$ hit all the right strings with her clever wordplay and poetic songwriting style, leaving her audience wanting more.

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