Gungor invites us to indulge in an addictive guitar line & let go with his latest single, "I Forgive You (feat. Isa Ma)"

Gungor's latest "I Forgive You (feat. Isa Ma)" will be on repeat as it lures and inspires listeners.

(Los Angeles, CA) September 16, 2022 - Gungor releases his second single off his upcoming album, "Love Song To Life," set to release this fall. "I Forgive You (feat. Isa Ma)" gives listeners a fat Aaron Sterling snare paired with a chorus that inspires all to just let go. The track lingers with acceptance and positivity while allowing fans to relish in a hypnotic guitar line that leaves all anticipating what is to come next.

Michael Gungor, the heartbeat of Gungor, is known for his ability to weave a sound all his own. Undefined and untamed, he serves an inviting and enriching message during such turbulent and divisive times. Grammy-nominated Lisa Gungor (artist name Isa Ma) has also often been a co-creator in Gungor’s music and is featured in this song.

Gungor is an empowering and inclusive band that transcends so-called societal norms. Their music is a toast to all who choose their path without being hostage to the fear of the opinion of others. Renowned for its intricacy and originality, the band is proud of its boundless creativity and heightened imagination.

Using music as a catalyst for acceptance and empowerment, Gungor's music creates community, encourages creativity, and welcomes all. Gungor has toured worldwide, and frontman Michael has composed music for film commercials and trailers (including a Justice League trailer). He has also made his presence known on the instrumental music scene with the creation of his instrumental band, "On Earth."

Well known for his Grammy-nominated achievements, fans and critics alike will be inspired by his single, "I Forgive You (feat. Isa Ma)."

Gungor's music is available on major music platforms. To stream "I Forgive You (feat. Isa Ma)," visit here.

About Michael Gungor

Michael Gungor is a nondual spiritual teacher, author, and podcaster with two podcasts underway. He is also an accomplished author and has written two books, "The Crowd, The Critic and the Muse: A Book for Creators" and "THIS: Becoming Free." When he is not working on crafting his signature sound, his greatest pleasures can be found in the simplistic joys of life, such as being in nature, riding his bike, playing with his kids, and having jam sessions with his friends.

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