Live The Moment With Mayne’s Latest Drop, “If It Comes.”

Mayne has once again stunned the audience with an effortless production, “If It Comes.”

(Los Angeles, CA) September 21, 2022 - A true Alternative Rap genius of contemporary times, DMV emcee Mayne has cultivated a brilliant musical career for himself that continues to catapult him to new heights. Continuing to unveil powerful records one after another, he offers a new banger, “If It Comes,” released on August 25 via 3rd Eye Logic (3EL).

Known for music focusing on higher consciousness and psychedelic mysticism, “If It Comes” challenges the listener to realize and accept those realities of life. “By doing so,” continues Mayne, “it will give you a better perspective on life and make it easier to deal with your problems, leading to a state of enlightenment and freedom.” Indeed, our thoughts and acts today create our future, so living life consciously is essential. Determined to outshine everyone and everything that stands in his way, Mayne says, “Stay the course, keep the faith and go get it.”

Mayne’s music is often full of hidden meanings and symbols. If you listen closely, you may be able to find them. “To me, music is something that always reveals itself more the more you listen to it. There’s always something new to discover. You can’t just have one playback. You got to revisit to explore what it means.” 

This is why Mayne’s art extends from his music to his unique visions through 3EL, his promotional banner. “Each cover artwork is a window to what I’m saying, giving you new life to what I’m communicating lyrically and visually.”

Setting out to conquer the charts, the emcee's style was born from his unique living experiences growing up. “I was born and raised in Mississippi; then I moved around a lot—first to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Indiana, Indianapolis, before settling in Maryland. I currently live in a neighboring town outside of D.C. A lot of people refer to D.C. as the D.M.V.”

Fusing together Blues, Funk, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Rock, Mayne has been able to create his original catchy vibe that has always been appreciated by many of his fans. “I always believed music didn’t come from the person, but from the soul or energy. I drew inspiration from those genres and eventually made them into my own with the music I released.”

Mayne is currently on a wave of success and has a big chance of repeating the success of his earlier releases with his new single “If It Comes.” It also comes with new surprises. “I have new projects coming this fall, including collaborations with industry-seasoned producers and rappers. However, I’ll keep that information close to my chest for now. To my loyal listeners, stay tuned; to those who haven’t heard of me yet, check out ‘If It Comes’ today!”

Press play now and get motivated - “If It Comes” is now available via all major streaming platforms, including Spotify. Visit Mayne’s official website to know more about his endeavors, including the 3EL clothing line, meditation supplies, and film production. And stay in sync with Mayne via his Instagram handle. 

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