Pouches By Alahta Founder Athalia Monae Advocates For Childhood Hunger

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(Los Angeles, CA) September 22nd, 2022 -- Pouches by Alahta founder Athalia Monae is inspired to give back by advocating for the nonprofit group "Feed My Starving Children," an organization that distributes nourishing meals to malnourished children in over seventy nations worldwide. 

Born and raised in Chicago, Athalia Monae wanted a pouch or case to carry her brush or comb in, something stylish and of good quality that would accommodate the different-sized hairbrushes and combs she owned. In 2012 she and her children wanted to give back to the community and began volunteering at the “Feed My Starving Children” organization. Shortly  after, she started her entrepreneurial journey and worked to bring the first product she created and designed to the market.

It's hard to think a simple hair brush/comb concept would eventually evolve into a patented pouch.  Athalia states, "When I put my hairbrush or comb in my purse, I would wrap it in a paper towel to prevent any possible stray hairs from transferring from the brush onto the contents of my purse. When I searched for a hairbrush pouch in various retailers, what they showed me did not appeal to me. As a result, I sat at my kitchen table one night and sketched what I was looking for but couldn’t find. Everything after that is history." 

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"Feed My Starving Children" originated from the humanitarian mind of Richard Proudfit, a brave man who placed his life in dangerous environments to feed hungry children. After visiting Honduras in the aftermath of a storm in 1987, Richard Proudfit founded the organization contributing to the well-being of the world's one billion children annually. 

Athalia's contributions from Pouches by Alahta sales provide financial support for children worldwide. Athalia's moral integrity and efforts to help feed children who are going hungry are demonstrated not only by charitable contributions but also speaking on behalf of the organization. 

Visit her website to purchase or learn more about Athalia and her brand. 

About Pouches By Alahta

Originating from the thought of providing a simple solution to a common problem of many, "Where did I put my hairbrush/comb?" Pouches By Alahta preserves time and leads to essential lifestyle habits. Easy to store in a purse, gym bag, luggage,  backpack, and more. Founder Athalia Monae states, "Being organized creates discipline, confidence, and productivity."

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