Fall In Love With Obi Alfred's Debut Single, "Mind."

Take a sneak peek of Obi Alfred’s forthcoming EP through “Mind.”

(Los Angeles, CA) September 27, 2022 - The Obi Alfred Experience comes with a brand new single, “Mind,” by recording artist Obi Alfred. Produced by Ryan Bridger and mixed by Scott Garrett Graham, “Mind” represents Obi’s signature R&B sound infused with pop elements, which the artist accentuates with a smoothed-out, mellow vocal delivery. 

Carrying on a deeply sensual vibe, the track immediately grabs hold of the listener’s attention with floaty synths, inquisitive chord progressions, and a bed of trap drums. Featuring line after line of imaginative lyrics that detail themes surrounding infatuation, passion, obsession, and seduction, “Mind” offers a vivid snapshot into the mind of an artist with a defined vision and larger-than-life dreams.

At its core, “Mind” is about Obi finding happiness and love and serves as an introduction to his yet-to-be-announced EP, which is slated for a later release. Obi shares, “I want people to feel all the emotions of being in love. I want people to relate to the song and understand the feeling of being head-over-heels for someone. I want the song to be stuck in people’s heads, just like the person described in the song is stuck in my head. I want people to taste who I am and my music before they hear the rest of the album.

Armed with mesmerizing and magnetic singing style, Obi Alfred opens a new horizon to his unparalleled soundscape. Encapsulating the true essence of the genre, his smooth R&B footprint indeed hits deep here. His exhilarating performance breathes life into the lyrical narrative, which is exactly what the audience will love about this beautiful release. 

“Trapped in my mind 

Got me caught up in a bind 

And I can’t get out of it 

You got me trapped in my mind...”

Mind” is now available for streaming via music platforms, including Spotify. Visit Obi Alfred’s official website and Instagram account for more details.

About Obi Alfred

Obichukwu Alfred-Igbokwe, professionally known as Obi Alfred, hails from Houston, the Space City. Obi has always had a passion for music. However, it wasn’t until he began attending college in San Francisco that he started to take his ambition seriously. Following a painful break-up and adjusting to new life halfway across the country, he found himself using music as an outlet to vent out his emotions. Obi’s artistry evolved rapidly with the help of his vocal coach Tom McKinney (Demi Lovato, Ray J, Solange). 

Now with debut single “Mind” gaining steam and his debut EP in the works, one thing’s certain: Obi and his team are out to make the world a better place through music. Undertaking a journey that has been defined by perseverance, authenticity, and a boatload of emotional depth, Obi is primed to make a long-lasting impact, establishing himself as a veritable force in the music industry. 

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