Modern Day Masterpiece: Meditative Animal Announces His New Project, "Alternative Phenomenon."

Following the successful release of "Social Gravity" last year, Meditative Animal will be back with a new album on 10/11/2022.

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(Los Angeles, CA) September 30, 2022 - Nick Mirisola of Meditative Animal continues his unfaltering reputation as an insightful lyricist and musician with the release of his upcoming album, "Alternative Phenomenon," on October 11. Produced by Moonlit Creative Works, the 13-track project features equally talented artists such as John Dixon Mirisola (his brother), Rafael Hendrix (beatboxer), BMo the Producer (beat maker), Adam Schoff (Mandolin player), Kandiss Knowles (singer), Lil Beats (hand drums), Chris Plummer (multi-instrumentalist), and Ozzie Lopez (bassist). 

"Alternative Phenomenon" chronicles his personal trip down the proverbial rabbit hole or yellow brick road in his own way. There are tales of love, loss, insight, and illusion, worded poetically enough, letting the listener develop their own personal relationship with the lyrics. Eclectic musical stylings are a distinct fusion of alternative folk, rock, and country, each track carrying a unique character that defines the album as a whole.


The five-minute lead track, Never Clip Your Wings (Robyn), imparts multiple potential meanings - it could be related to a girl named Robyn that the character is pursuing or to any person in your life who you consider special. Ultimately, it conveys a wholesome vibe with love and some sweetness. 

Featuring various moods, Round The Block gives a synopsis of the artist's journey around the proverbial block and the lessons he learned along the way. The album also features Minin' Silver Linin's, which is a song written by Nick years ago, talking about tough times that lasted so long that he finally got used to it. As we collectively experienced the pandemic, listeners can easily connect with this. 


Another notable track is Fantasy Woman, a song about a literal fantasy woman in the middle of a not-so-fantasy world. Conveying a romantic enigma with grit and honesty, it can pertain to any woman who fits the description in a complimentary way. On the other hand, Prism displays a variety of perspectives and is a cross-sectional collection of cultural snapshots across the spectrum of the concept of God. 

Overall, "Alternative Phenomenon" weaves a storyline about the process of spiritual awakening and a personal stroll down the path of enlightenment. The impact of this project lies within its core qualities - from distinct concepts and top-notch production to expressive songwriting, it is sure to garner attention. 


Mark your calendars now for its worldwide release on 10/11/2022 via major streaming platforms, including Spotify. Visit the official website of Meditative Animal for more information. 

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About Meditative Animal

Nick Mirisola is the heart and soul of Meditative Animal. Not only a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he is also a lay Zen monk, shaman, ordained Dudeist priest, and self-dubbed Duddha. Incorporating indie alternative folk rock with jazz, blues, hip hop, funk, and reggae influences, his signature sound is timeless. Flourishing and building a decent following since 2016, when he first stepped into the streaming scene, Meditative Animal has gained accolades throughout the years. He has been in SoundCloud's Top 20 Folk/Singer-Songwriter, ReverbNation's National Chart Top 100 for singer-songwriters, and frequently in the top ten for the Portland, Maine region, just to name a few.

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