Inspiring kids to believe in themselves and dream big: The Broadway Babies step out with a self-titled debut album.

Following their successful live stage show at The Garry Marshall Theatre, The Broadway Babies once again exhibit their signature Broadway sound.

(Los Angeles, CA) September 30, 2022 - Raising kids is so easy and stress-free...said no one ever! As parents, we sometimes doubt our parenting skills. But worry no more! The Broadway Babies, composed of long-time collaborators Nicole Mangi and Leah Sprecher, are here to help us teach our kids some important lessons with their fun and fresh debut album!

Produced by Daniel Weidlein of BioSoul Music, “The Broadway Babies” is a 17-minute album that helps kids build connections through music, pursue their dreams, and gain confidence in their own unique voices. Starting from the upbeat “Magical Microphone,” the listeners are readily in for a treat, inspiring anyone, whether kids or young-at-heart, that the ‘magical microphone’ helps their voice feel strong and shine free. The positive tune “Practice Practice Practice” comes next, conveying that becoming good at something often takes a lot of practice and that we shouldn’t give up. 

The third track, “Safety In Numbers,” starts with a lyrical tone, reminding us that in times of uncertainty, the love and support of friends and family can help us gain confidence and strength. The cheerful mood comes back in “Sing Your Melody,” telling us the importance of fun, music, and imagination. The sweeping harmonies in the album’s lullaby, “Little Star,” give a voice to parents whose hearts ache to watch their little ones grow up and go out in the world. The most pop-forward and closing track, “I’m OK!,” says that it’s okay to feel bad or sad sometimes. Just take a deep breath, count to 3, and let the feelings move through us. 

Easy, fun, and educational, “The Broadway Babies” checks all the boxes. If you’re looking for some catchy, lighthearted music that will also aid in your child’s growth and development, give the album a listen! It is now available via all streaming platforms, including Spotify. To know more about The Broadway Babies and their endeavors, visit their official website and Instagram account. 

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