Moose with a Scarf takes viewers to horror hell and back with his latest music video, "Leshen"

Anthony Sabatino aka Moose with a Scarf uses sound and cinematography to showcase raw fright and reveal horror elements with his latest, "Leshen."

(Los Angeles, CA) October 28th, 2022 - Los Angeles and Kansas City-based Anthony Sabatino releases "Leshen," a genre-bending music single and video that is distinct and transformative. Made to leave the audience in a state of shock, the creative project takes viewers on an experience of unexpected fright and terror. 

With unexpected sounds and visual elements, "Leshen" sucks fans in and leaves them terrified while craving for an encore. Composer and Music Producer Anthony Sabatino attributes his ability to write music for over 100 different films, games, and multimedia projects as the instrument that led him to pursue film paired with sound. 


The short music film features a plot of enticing and intriguing characters directed by Anthony and co-director Christ Hackett. Fans will magnetically gravitate to the mid-tempo bass sounds steeped in horror and unadulterated fear. The thrill-chasing music video follows the aesthetic of 80s horror films without missing a beat and leads seamlessly into the signature sounds reminiscent of artists like Rezz. 

In search of bringing visual elements and sound to life, Anthony's goal is to transcend boundaries and bring profound experiences to his fans using film and sound as the catalyst. Pairing his talent musical talent with his passion for films and filmmaking, he is now an unstoppable creative force causing relentless screams within the horror genre. 

"Leshen" is available on Spotify, and the music video can be seen on YouTube. 

About Anthony Sabatino aka Moose with a Scarf: 

Anthony Sabatino is a music composer and film producer/director from Kansas. He studied at the renowned Berklee College of Music and USC and has composed music for over 100 different films, games, and television projects. His music and passion for film have led him to explore multiple genres, specifically within the horror niche. Past accolades include producing electronic music such as "Moose With A Scarf," which features high-energy sounds paired with virtuosic synth solos, shuffle dancing, and cosmic visual light shows. In addition, Anthony is the brains behind creating a robot DJ sidekick called "Moosebot" and the founder, sole music writer, and producer of an interactive music app called "Tabletop Tunes," which debuted in March of 2021. 

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