Canny Lando releases a vulnerable and emotional song about love and betrayal entitled "Betrayed Too Much."

Canny Lando uses sound and raw emotion to reveal a story of love's betrayal with his latest, "Betrayed Too Much." 

(Los Angeles, CA) October 28th, 2022 - Canny Lando reveals his journey of betrayal with his latest track, "Betrayed Too Much." Set to melodic rhythms, the raw and authentic song demonstrates the effects of betrayal using lyrics from the heart as a catalyst to convey feelings and emotions. 

Inspired by heartbreak from close connections, "Betrayed Too Much" takes listeners on a sound and free-style experience of transcending from the pain and moving towards healing and perseverance. Emerging from the trials and tribulations of love, uncertainty, and the joy of overcoming disappointment while vowing not to allow anyone or anything to hold you back. 

Staying true to Canny Lando's unconventional style, the entire single is freestyled, thus, depicting accurate lyrics and emotion. Complete with the storytelling of redemption, acceptance, and embracing the unknown, "Betrayed Too Much" sheds light on the relationship's complex feelings and desires. 

The song oozes healing energy while taking listeners on a creative musical experience using freestyle words as catalysts for overcoming the hurt and pain of betrayal and living true to oneself. Canny Lando uses music as a catalyst for listeners willing to expose their vulnerable side and carve a path all their own without fear and limitations. 

Untamed, enticing, and unpredictable, Canny Lando has delivered a process that allows his fans to crave more. Embracing life's experiences, the track indulges in the magnetic lure of lyrics and beats and hits differently, drawing listeners in with rhythms that will leave every eardrum craving more. 

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About Canny Lando

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Canny Lando grew up around a lot of music. Initially, his passion was listening to music, but later, he ventured into creating beats and freestyles of his own. With his brilliant freestyle ability, Canny Lando brings topics emersed in emotion to the forefront. When Canny Lando is not playing video games or watching anime, he perfects his musical craft using inspiration from underground artists such as Three 6 Mafia while taking inspiration from his birthplace Memphis Tennessee.

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