INFJ Kenzo Releases His Debut Studio Album, “The Wage Of Better Angels: A Treatise To The Truth”

Take a sneak peek at INFJ Kenzo`s debut studio album. With thought-provoking and moving lyrics, INFJ Kenzo's music will touch your heart and soul.

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(Los Angeles, CA) November 4, 2022 - Huntington Beach, CA-based Jamal Hansen (INFJ Kenzo) debuted his studio album on October 27, 2022. INFJ Kenzo the Wisest Rap Artist to Premiere on the scene. His new single, "The Wage of Better Angels," debuted at number 14 on DTR Independent Charts! INFJ Kenzo is flying high with significant radio airplay and millions of listeners around America who have fallen under his powerful flow, sure to make anyone want more!


Think you've heard it all? INFJ Kenzo is about to change the game. His full-length debut album, "The Wage Of Better Angels: A Treatsie To The Truth,'' combines production elements from former Death Row Executive producer Darren Vegas and West Coast meets Electrica with heavy guitar based melodies that will blow your mind! INFJ Kenzo delivers captivating content listeners can't help falling head over heels within seconds after hearing one song end before another begins to play.

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The self-taught INFJ Kenzo makes his full debut with a compelling and ambitious project. He explores the inner psychological landscape through an inimitable style that is both gripping yet gentle - revealing intimate insights about himself while also taking us on this journey where each song becomes another chapter of life's story as it has been written by "The Wage Of Better Angels." INFJ states, "I hope others get lost in my music, the same way I got lost in others' music, it is what speaks to us, and we all need to make more music."


INFJ Kenzo's debut studio album has all of the hallmarks that make up a great Rap project and showcases his musical versatility as an emotional storyteller. The well-crafted songs on this recording were produced by Platinum executive producer Darren Vegas in collaboration with INFJ Kenzo himself, using samples from Bone Thugs N'Harmony to Kurupt—old school masters who have influenced him throughout their career thus far; credits include Kinglilg too. INFJ states, "I dedicate this album to the real geniuses above & below, who did so much for me and asked for nothing in return."


If you're into street music or new trends (or both!), then look no further than INFJ Kenzo's latest offering: it'll change your perspective entirely. INFJ Kenzo's debut album is a masterpiece.  To listen to his album visiting here. For more information visit his website. 



About Jamal Hansen (INFJ Kenzo)

INFJ Kenzo is an artist on another level because he makes music that moves people. He was

16 when his life changed after helping to save one of those who needed it most: A girl overdosing from fentanyl addiction! After this experience, something triggered in him – realizing what matters most are your loved ones and others around you- which led INFJ Kenzo to become a Rap artist charged up by energy for change while still holding onto hope. INFJ states, “I care more about the people around me and building them up than anything, which is why I'll never live up to my talent. It's not about me at all. But truthfully, I love the journey. Smell the roses, enjoy what makes life worth living.”

 Hip-hop is often about breaking boundaries and doing something different, but it's more than that for Kenzo. The sound he unleashed in January 2022 was unlike anything hearing ears had heard before - dark yet still catchy like a psychoanalysis of the darkest parts inside himself; soon after releasing his first song, "Overblown," INFJ Kenzo landed collaborations with some very talented people such as Critically Acclaimed Death Row Records E.P Darren Vegas. From dark and disturbing to honest, faith-based rap with plenty of organic instrumentation that steers clear for any labels or genres, Kenzo's musical seed has blown up in only one year since its debut. INFJ Kenzo has had unprecedented success in the music industry, with over 10 million views in 80 countries within nine months of releasing the album. To add to his music accolades, he is  also a Senior English literature Major studying Latin & Greek at his Lutheran university and managing his brand, OTAON x Entertainment, and its subsidiaries OTAON x Streetwear. With one eye on the prize, he plans to create great jobs to help people around him achieve their goals while giving them value in return. He states, "I care more about the people around me and building them up than anything, which is why I'll never live up to my talent. It's not about me at all. But truthfully, I love the journey. Smell the roses; enjoy what makes life worth living."

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