vinny. Drops Heartfelt New Single "Out of My Mind" - A Must-Hear Track for Anyone Struggling with Heartbreak

A hauntingly beautiful song captures the essence of sorrow, allowing us to reflect on times gone by and emerging with a newfound strength.

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(Los Angeles, CA) March 30th, 2023 - Kansas-based pop sensation, vinny., has just dropped his latest emotional rollercoaster, "Out of My Mind." In this captivating new single, vinny. addresses the challenge of leaving a toxic relationship while seeking personal growth in the process. The lyrics carry a message of hope and understanding, with an irresistible chorus guaranteed to leave listeners humming along.

"Out of My Mind" was born out of the depths of vinny.'s own tumultuous experiences. As he battled with heartbreak and addiction, he poured his emotions into music, resulting in a powerful and moving track. The song captures the feeling of falling apart while reminding us that life goes on, no matter how tough it may seem.

vinny. is known for his innovative soundscapes, and "Out of My Mind" is no exception. The track takes listeners on an unforgettable journey with its captivating melody and profound lyrics. With each listen, fans will discover new layers of meaning, making it a must-hear track for anyone struggling with heartbreak.

vinny.'s ultimate goal is to provide a space where listeners can escape from the negativity of everyday life and find solace in his music. With his unique blend of storytelling and punchy lyrics, he is rapidly becoming a master of the music scene. "Out of My Mind" is just the beginning, with many more exciting releases on the horizon.

Stream "Out of My Mind" now on all major music platforms like Spotify and follow vinny. on Instagram for more insight into his creative vision. 

About vinny.

Vincent Espinosa, otherwise known as vinny., is a rapidly budding musical artist from Kansas City who captivates his audiences by transporting them through vivid storytelling backed up with punchy lyrics and melodies. As a featured collaborator with Billboard artists and with several dynamic live performances under his belt, there's no doubt that vinny. is a rising star who is here to stay.

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