Chronicle releases new single, "Don't Try."

(Los Angeles, CA) March 30th, 2023 - Chicago-based pop artist, Chronicle, has released a powerful new single, "Don't Try," inspired by the regret and lessons learned from past relationships. This track offers an introspective look at second chances, inviting listeners to consider what could have been if given another shot.

After Chronicle set out to create "Don't Try" in July, it was a long journey before he could bring his dream of making music to fruition. Moving from LA to Chicago and struggling with studio time proved difficult until March when he linked up with an experienced producer who transformed all his ideas into a reality within 8 hours over two days.

With all the uncertainty in life, sometimes we need a reminder that we are not alone. This is what Chronicle's music seeks to share with us; an uplifting message of understanding from one person experiencing their unique journey to another at any given moment - no matter where they may be. His music conveys the sentiment that even though it can feel like you're carrying your troubles on your own and nobody else understands them quite as deeply – someone out there very likely "kind of gets it."

Growing up, music has been a constant in Chronicle's life. From pocket radios to 106 and Park after school and VH1 every morning before heading out - it was an ever-present soundtrack to his childhood. He dabbled with playing five different instruments; piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, and drums but never committed to any one of them until songwriting rekindled that love affair which eventually led him back to honing some of the skills from those musical pieces on whichever instrument he could get comfortable playing. Little did anyone know then...but this motivated journey ultimately kickstarted his career as a musician today!

Find out more about Chronicle on his Instagram and get the jump on his latest single, "Don't Try," and don't miss out—it's available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify

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