GTB Tonio Collaborates with KVTE on New Hip-Hop/R&B Track "Wait No More"

This powerful song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of heartbreak and desperation and will surely touch the hearts of many listeners.

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(Los Angeles, CA) April 11th, 2023 - GTB Tonio and KVTE have teamed up to release their collaborative song, “Wait No More.” The Hip-Hop/R&B track talks about the back-and-forth toxic relationship where both people keep trying but ultimately come up short. “Wait No More” is an emotional Hip-Hop/R&B jam that explores the strife of an all-too-familiar on-again-off-again relationship. The track passionately describes trying to make it work time after time – only to eventually accept what was meant for you had run its course.

"Wait No More" is an emotionally charged track inspired by GTB Tonio's personal experiences. After a tough breakup, GTB Tonio found himself struggling to create music. However, with the help of KVTE, the two artists were able to channel their emotions into this collaboration, which they describe as a song about "love and this almost lustful relationship." "Wait No More" features GTB Tonio's signature flow and poignant lyrics, set to a haunting and melodic beat that SavetheWorldMilli & Canyon Root expertly crafted. The song is a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity in overcoming difficult situations.

GTB Tonio expresses that his latest song is not necessarily intended to convey a specific message but rather aims to resonate with its listeners on a relatable level. "Wait No More" is designed to serve as a piece of art that can provide comfort and motivation during moments of sadness, frustration, or empowerment. GTB Tonio hopes the song can offer solace to individuals grappling with challenges such as financial struggles, family issues, or feeling stuck in life. The intention is to inspire and motivate listeners to take control of their lives and make positive changes. The artist envisions the song as a catalyst for a shift in mindset, encouraging listeners to take charge and move forward in their lives.

GTB Tonio and KVTE will team up once again for a new EP titled "Mine 4Ever" under GTB Tonio's self-owned label, Get That Bread Creative Group LLC. Get ready for a fresh collaboration from these two rising stars in the hip hop and R&B scene, set to drop soon. Stay tuned for updates, and check out "Mine 4Ever" when it releases. 

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"Wait No More" is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, and its music video on Youtube. For more information about GTB Tonio, visit his Instagram page.

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About GTB Tonio

GTB Tonio is an independent artist who sets himself apart from his peers with his unique style of music. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, GTB Tonio now resides in Los Angeles, California. He was a dual-sport athlete at the University of Michigan and applied that work ethic and focus to his music. GTB Tonio grew up with two military parents who were often deployed and away, which forced him to learn how to be independent at a young age. Despite growing up in poverty, he has become an enigmatic force of sheer will to succeed.

Since beginning his music career in January 2021, GTB Tonio has released two studio EPs; Cupid Was Single and The Kester Ave Tapes. As a self-proclaimed "fuckboy with feelings," he performs songs about the dark side of relationships, the suffocating experience of being in relationships that do little to nothing to serve one's purpose and needs as a human. He channels his struggles into his songs and the stories he tells, creating compelling stories that his fans can resonate with and listen to on repeat.

GTB Tonio's music reflects his life experiences, from humble beginnings to becoming a successful artist. Despite facing numerous obstacles and challenges, he remains focused on his goals and is driven to succeed. As an independent artist, GTB Tonio continues to create music that stands out from the crowd, pushing boundaries and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

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