Cooper Rosenthal: Musician, Community Builder, and Advocate for the Transformative Power of Music

Los Angeles, CA - April 25th, 2023 - Cooper Rosenthal is more than just a musician - he's a community builder and advocate for the transformative power of music. His upcoming album, “Wildfire Sky,” is a testament to his passion for music and commitment to creating a deeper connection with his listeners.

For the past ten years, Cooper has dedicated his life to self-discovery and creative exploration. His music is the culmination of that journey, which is rare in today’s fast-paced music industry. Marked by an extraordinary level of thought and attention to detail, the songs on “Wildfire Sky” are deeply personal, raw, authentic, and have the power to connect with listeners on a deeper level than most mainstream music.

Cooper's music is an invitation to experience oneself to the fullest. It's a journey of self-discovery and emotional exploration that ranges from literal to symbolic. His lyrics touch on mental health, climate change, relationships, and spirituality, providing connection and comfort to those struggling with these issues.

But Cooper's passion for music extends beyond his artistry. He's a community builder who understands the power of music to connect people. He advocates for local musicians and artists by providing a creative and inspiring recording studio called The Red House, in Olympia, WA, for them to create and record their music. Many artists of note have recorded and performed there, especially in the 90s when it first opened.

Cooper's upcoming release promises to be authentic and powerful. Fans can expect to hear more of his unique sound and relatable lyrics, which provide a sense of connection and comfort to those struggling with mental health challenges and social issues.

Follow Cooper on social media to stay updated on his latest releases and upcoming projects. Don't miss the chance to experience the transformative power of music with Cooper Rosenthal.

About Cooper Rosenthal

Cooper Rosenthal is more than a musician. He’s a storyteller, a community builder, and an advocate for the transformative power of music. His upcoming album, “Wildfire Sky,” is the culmination of a 10-year journey marked by a relentless pursuit of creative excellence and a deep commitment to his art. His music and lyrics perfectly reflect his authentic and vulnerable personality. Touching on everything from mental health to climate change, relationships to spirituality, Cooper is here to provide listeners with a sense of connection and comfort, no matter what they may be going through. 

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