Stuart Ross Carlson Leaps into the World of TV, Film, Commercials, & Video Games

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Los Angeles, CA - May 8th, 2023 – Award-winning musician and composer Stuart Ross Carlson is ready to take his career in a new direction. The winner of several music competitions, including the 2016 VSA International Young Soloists Competition and the 2017 University of Michigan School of Music Concerto Competition, Carlson is pursuing a path in composing music for television, film, commercials, and video games.

In May 2021, Carlson composed six pieces of music for the KTWU PBS four-part television series "Portrait of a Landscape." The series is an extraordinary documentary that highlights the stunning landscapes of Kansas. This allowed Carlson to expand his creative skills and explore new ways of expressing his musical talents while capturing Kansas’s natural beauty.

In composing for "Portrait of a Landscape," Carlson gained a deeper understanding of the state's unique landscapes and created music that complements the visual storytelling of the documentary. In addition, he was invited to compose two additional pieces for the series, which sparked a newfound passion within him, inspiring him to pursue more projects within these industries. Overall, this experience gave him a valuable opportunity to grow as a composer and connect with a wider audience through his music.

The new venture is pivotal in Carlson's career as more people become familiar with his work. With the increasing momentum of his music, Carlson’s exceptional talent and skill are gaining recognition. Composing music for media, education, and entertainment is a natural progression for the composer, who is excited to explore new projects and expand his reach even further. He is committed to creating memorable and meaningful music that resonates with audiences. Carlson believes creating unique soundscapes will allow him to connect with even more listeners and fans worldwide.

When asked about his process for creating compositions for future collaborators, Carlson shared:

"When a potential collaborator visits my website, they can hear various pieces that showcase many different styles of composition and music. I also think of music in my head when I receive information about a potential project, including thoughts about the instrumentation, key, tempo, and overall styles of my piece. When I finish rough drafts of the pieces, I think it’s helpful to review them with the project designer to confirm that our visions align to allow room for suggestions.” 

A member of the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, Carlson’s contributions to the world of classical music have not gone unnoticed, and he continues to receive praise for his work both on and off stage. With this new chapter in his career, Carlson is thrilled to explore the boundless possibilities of creating music for the screen and is eager to collaborate with directors, producers, and other creatives to bring their vision to life through his sound.

About Stuart Ross Carlson

Stuart Ross Carlson is a talented musician, arranger/composer, and surviving twin who was diagnosed at age 3 with autism. He has quickly gained national attention due to his recent recordings: "Portrait of a Landscape: SEASONS" and "Carols for Christmas." Because of all the support and encouragement he's received, Stuart hopes to encourage others to pursue their creative passions as a catalyst to overcome adversity.

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