Everything Money Entertainment (EME) Makes a Phenomenal Comeback with 30GKHO's Sensational New Single "Boomerang."

(Los Angeles, CA) June 14th, 2023 - Everything Money Entertainment (EME), a prominent independent record label, is thrilled to announce its comeback after a period of unexpected hiatus. Despite facing significant challenges earlier this year, EME has overcome adversity and is now poised to make a remarkable comeback with the release of their first record of 2023 titled “Boomerang.”

30GKHO and EME's lead producer, Billy Busthead, collaborated to create the hit single "Boomerang." The inspiration behind the track stemmed from a girl who had a powerful presence in the songwriter's life. Despite several attempts to forget her, sights and sounds would constantly transport him back to thoughts of her. The result is a magnetic and relatable tune that has captured the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

When asked about his creative process, 30GKHO shared a simple yet profound insight: "It's like riding a bike, effortless. All of my songs stem from personal life experiences. After all, who better to tell my story than myself?" This authenticity shines through in his music, making it relatable to listeners from all walks of life.

30GKHO's journey in the music industry started on the streets, where he found the motivation to pursue his career. The studio became his sanctuary, allowing him to channel his energy away from trouble. Through his art, 30GKHO aims to create enjoyable music that spreads positivity and connects with listeners on a global scale. His ultimate goal is to produce music that resonates with people, uplifting them and leaving a lasting impact for years.

Catch the highly anticipated release of "Boomerang" on June 22nd across all major streaming platforms! Stay in the loop and never miss a beat by following 30GKHO's Instagram for exclusive updates.

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