GAELN's Captivating New Single "Lighthouse" Illuminates the Struggle of Love Amidst Depression

(Los Angeles, CA) July 20, 2023 - “GAELN”, the talented artist known for his dynamic performances as a professional actor under the name Jeremy Walmsley, is set to release his highly anticipated single "Lighthouse" on July 27th. This captivating alt-pop track serves as the lead single from GAELN's upcoming EP, 'Old Muse,' and promises to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Inspired by his personal experiences, GAELN's "Lighthouse" delves into the delicate and challenging dynamics of a relationship with someone battling depression. The song beautifully captures the struggle, helplessness, and hope that come hand-in-hand with loving someone through their darkest times.

Listeners can expect an emotional journey as GAELN's heartfelt lyrics and evocative melodies shine a light on the gripping influence of mental health on relationships. With an alternative pop sound that seamlessly blends vulnerability and honesty, GAELN aims to create a powerful connection with his audience, evoking both deep emotions and a groovy vibe.

Reflecting on the creative process, GAELN shared, "I initially wrote this song on piano, then transformed it into a slower, acoustic version on the acoustic guitar. However, it wasn't until I added drums and a captivating groove that the recording truly came alive. Something started to soar, and I knew this was the sound that would convey the essence of 'Lighthouse'."

With the release of "Lighthouse" on July 27th, GAELN invites music lovers to embark on a poignant journey, exploring the intricacies of love, mental health, and the enduring power of hope. The single sets the stage for the release of another highly anticipated track on August 24th, followed by the full 6-song EP, 'Old Muse,' on September 21st.

To stay updated on GAELN's latest releases and upcoming projects, visit his official website at or follow him on Instagram at @gaelnmusic.

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