Meditative Animal Drops Avant-Garde Album “Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament” Alongside Epic Tale “Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic”

Meditative Animal's fourth album and e-book offer a transformative blend of indie folk rock, insightful storytelling, and groundbreaking revelations.

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(Los Angeles, CA) May 2, 2024 - The wait is over! Meditative Animal, the renowned indie alternative folk rock artist, unleashes his latest masterpiece, “Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament,” marking a monumental moment in his illustrious career. This highly anticipated album, accompanied by the unveiling of his biography and audiobook, “Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic,” is set to captivate and inspire fans and potential fans alike.

The culmination of years of artistic evolution and spiritual exploration, “Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament” is a 16-track full length album that defies categorization. Produced under his record label Moonlit Creative Works, Meditative Animal showcases his diverse musical prowess, seamlessly blending indie alternative folk rock with unexpected hip hop and blues elements. This unique fusion is sure to pique the interest of music lovers and spiritual seekers alike.

The album features exciting collaborations with esteemed artists, each bringing their unique style to the table. The lead track, “TranscenDance in the Rain (Greener),” features Grammy Award nominee G. Love, while his hip hop debut, “Lap Dance (Behind the Poles),” includes a dynamic performance by Killah Priest from the iconic Wu-Tang Clan. Another standout piece is “Aftermath (Oh My Rappah’s Sanity),” a collaboration with Sticky Fingaz from Onyx. These collaborations add layers of depth and diversity to an already eclectic collection of songs.

Meditative Animal’s decision to release his biography alongside the album is a testament to his commitment to personal growth and self-discovery. The biography chronicles his life’s journey, from his early beginnings as a singer-songwriter to his current status as a modern-day renaissance man and spiritual seeker. It offers a unique insight into his creative process, inspirations, and the transformative power of music and spirituality, providing fans with a deeper understanding of the artist behind the music.

Speaking about the project, Meditative Animal shares, “I wanted to create something truly impactful, something that would resonate with listeners on a deeper level. ‘Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament’ is not just an album; it’s a spiritual journey, a quest for enlightenment through music and storytelling.” With his latest offerings, he continues to push the boundaries of music and consciousness, inspiring audiences to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and introspection.

"Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament" can be found across all major platforms, including Deezer and Apple Music. Similarly, the enlightening eBook, "Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic," awaits at your preferred online bookstore, like Amazon. Dive deeper into the journey with the exclusive audiobook, exclusively accessible through For visual experiences, immerse yourself in the music videos for "TranscenDance in the Rain (Greener)" and "Lap Dance (Behind the Poles)," as well as the captivating book trailer, all awaiting discovery on YouTube.

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About Meditative Animal

Meditative Animal is the stage name of a visionary indie alternative folk rock artist based in Springvale, Maine. A spiritual person, a modern Renaissance man, a lay Zen monk, and a shaman with a career spanning over two decades, Meditative Animal has established himself as a prolific singer-songwriter and producer, earning acclaim for his genre-defying sound and wise, insightful, thought-provoking lyrics. His music draws inspiration from diverse influences, including jazz, blues, funk, soul, hip hop, and world music. 

Throughout his distinguished career, Meditative Animal has released four successful albums under his record label, Moonlit Creative Works, solidifying his position in the music industry. His music has resonated with audiences worldwide, earning him accolades on various indie music charts internationally and securing placements on indie and college radio stations across the globe. Additionally, his work has been featured in popular blogs and magazines, receiving rave reviews for its sincerity and authenticity.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Meditative Animal is also a prolific thinker and writer. His philosophical paper entitled “Points About Points with A Point: Nature of Smallest Scale Universals” was published in The International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation’s Volume X Issue XII on January 5, 2024.

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