Dual Diagnosis Unleashes Raw Emotion with "Nature Of The Beast"

Mad Mike of Dual Diagnosis Sets the Stage: Unveiling Singles Leading to His Sophomore EP, 'Nature of the Beast'

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(Los Angeles, CA) May 10, 2024 - Brace yourself for an immersive journey as one-half of the electrifying rap/rock duo, Dual Diagnosis, gears up to unveil his latest track and music video, "Nature Of The Beast." Crafted under the masterful production of the incomparable Mad Mike, this sonic powerhouse thrusts audiences into a visceral exploration of the human psyche, where unbridled passion reigns supreme, and self-discovery knows no bounds.

"Nature Of The Beast" delves deep into the complexities of the human psyche, taking us on a profound journey through the shadows and light within. It is a moving conversation with oneself, a courageous exploration of overcoming inner demons and transcending personal tribulations. Through its raw vigor and introspective lyricism, this track strikes a chord with audiences seeking genuine depth amidst a world often shrouded in superficiality.

The accompanying music video, set to premiere on May 17, 2024, is a visual masterpiece that brings the song's message to life with unparalleled clarity. Filmed by Lost Soul Productions, the video transcends mere imagery, plunging viewers into a realm where inner conflicts roam free and the boundaries between reality and illusion blur. With its evocative storytelling and striking visuals, the video serves as a testament to the universal struggles encountered in the pursuit of self-discovery.

"Nature Of The Beast" marks just the inception of Dual Diagnosis' artistic narrative. On May 23, 2024, prepare for the unveiling of his next single, "Patient On The Run." This haunting narrative delves into the realms of mental health and existential dread, offering a poignant counterpoint to its predecessor's intensity. Produced by the renowned Arcitype, this track showcases Mad Mike's versatility and depth as an artist.

Both 'Nature Of The Beast' and 'Patient On The Run' are integral parts of Dual Diagnosis' highly anticipated EP, also titled 'Nature Of The Beast,' slated for release on June 13, 2024.  This 6-track EP, a tour de force in the rap/rock genre, promises to push boundaries and challenge conventions with its raw emotion and unflinching honesty.

Having solidified their status as one of the most dynamic acts in the hardcore rap/rock genre through previous releases such as the EP 'Emerge From The Dark' (2018) and albums 'The Intake' (2020) and 'No Ordinary Life' (2022), Dual Diagnosis continues to redefine artistic possibilities. Each project explores themes of addiction, mental health, and personal growth with a depth and nuance that resonate profoundly in today's music landscape.

With the impending release of "Nature Of The Beast" and an upcoming second EP recorded at Bow Wow Studios in NJ, Dual Diagnosis is poised to ascend to unprecedented heights in the musical realm. With its raw emotion and unyielding authenticity, "Nature Of The Beast" heralds a new era in the genre, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into the triumphs and tribulations of the human experience.

In commemoration of Mental Health Awareness Month, the EP "Nature Of The Beast" stands as a tribute to those grappling with inner turmoil. Infused with hardcore elements, it unfolds as a metaphorical narrative, channeling emotions to foster self-awareness and enlightenment. Its lyrics serve as healing mantras, offering solace to listeners in need.

For Dual Diagnosis, authenticity isn't just a buzzword—it's a way of life. Their fearless exploration of the human condition and unwavering commitment to authenticity set them apart. For more information about Dual Diagnosis and their upcoming releases, visit the website below. Don't miss the premiere of the "Nature Of The Beast" music video on YouTube on May 17, 2024.




About Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis, the brainchild of Michael Pompa (aka Mad Mike) and Paulie Walnutz, epitomizes the fusion of raw energy and unfiltered authenticity. Originating in the early 2000s amidst the rap and rock invasion, their journey draws inspiration from heavyweights like ICP, E-Town Concrete, Hed-PE, and DMX. Their unique blend of rap and rock charts a path through the realms of mental health, addiction, and profound self-discovery, resonating with audiences worldwide. With electrifying performances and unapologetic lyricism, Dual Diagnosis captivates and inspires, carving out a distinct sonic landscape that deftly straddles the realms of rap, rock, and beyond.

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