Unleashing the Beast – One Half of Dual Diagnosis, Mad Mike, Drops New EP “Nature Of The Beast”

“Nature of The Beast” EP is now available worldwide via your favorite streaming platforms.

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(Los Angeles, CA) June 13, 2024 - What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘beast’? Maybe unrefined strength, unconstrained savagery, or a natural occurrence? For Mad Mike of Dual Diagnosis, this beast represents the inner struggles and fears that we face every day. This new project, named “Nature Of The Beast,” was just launched today, June 13th, 2024, and combines hard-core hip-hop with rock music to deliver a strong message about resilience and self-awareness. It continues Dual Diagnosis’ exploration of intense themes full of passion that speak directly to people facing their own demons.

The EP features tracks like “Patient On The Run” and the titular “Nature Of The Beast,” both of which have already started gaining traction online. “Patient On The Run,” released on May 23rd, 2024, captures the frantic energy of confronting one’s inner turmoil, while the music video for “Nature Of The Beast,” which dropped on May 17th, 2024, visually amplifies this struggle with haunting imagery and compelling storytelling. Together, these tracks have amassed thousands of streams and views across Spotify and YouTube, highlighting Dual Diagnosis’ growing impact and dedicated fanbase.

Each song within the ‘Nature Of The Beast’ EP explores various aspects of personal and psychological struggle through six tracks. Opening with ‘Intro’ and ending with ‘The Edge,’ this EP takes one through raw emotions and the healing process. With such production as seen in tracks like “Harsh” by Mad Mike or other similar works produced by The Arcitype, including “Patient On The Run” plus “Murder One,” it becomes evident that these talents work together, bringing a unified sound, reconciling aggression with introspection. The EP was recorded at Bow Wow Studios in New Jersey by CJ Scioscia, making sure that it would be one memorable addition to Dual Diagnosis’ discography.

Indeed, ‘Nature Of The Beast’ EP is a testament to overcoming adversity. Each track is infused with raw emotion and a call to confront fears head-on. The narratives within the songs not only depict the chaos and conflict within the mind but also the potential for clarity and peace. As listeners dive into “Nature Of The Beast,” they are invited to find strength in vulnerability and power in confronting their inner beasts.

Dual Diagnosis, composed of brothers Mad Mike and Paulie Walnutz, has been making waves in the underground hip-hop scene since the early 2000s. Influenced by the rap and rock sounds of the 90s, they have developed a unique style characterized by their horror-core themes and vivid lyricism. Their music addresses loss, grief, pain, and trauma, offering messages of healing and hope. Over the years, they have collaborated with notable artists like Slaine, Gorilla Voltage, and UnderRated, further cementing their place in the hard-core hip-hop community.

Mad Mike’s journey as a musician and producer is central to Dual Diagnosis’ identity. His work on “Nature Of The Beast'' reflects his personal growth and commitment to addressing mental health issues through music. The release of “Patient On The Run” and “Nature Of The Beast'' during Mental Health Awareness Month underscores this dedication, as both tracks offer solace and inspiration to those struggling with their own mental health challenges.

Mad Mike’s vision for “Nature Of The Beast” is clear: to provide a soundtrack for those battling their own fears, offering a sense of comfort and empowerment. It stands as a beacon for anyone in search of strength, encouraging listeners to embrace their struggles and find hope in the midst of chaos. To stream “Nature Of The Beast” or learn more information, visit Dual Diagnosis on Spotify and YouTube and follow them on Instagram.




About Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis is an underground hard-core hip-hop duo from New Jersey made up of two brothers - Mad Mike and Paulie Walnutz. They have been producing music that blends rap with rock since the early 2000s and mainly focuses on mental health, trauma, and healing. With intense lyrics and collaborative works with Slaine, Gorilla Voltage and UnderRated among others, Dual Diagnosis has continued to be one of those underground acts silently influencing a lot of things in music. Their most recent release’ Nature Of The Beast’ is an indication of their commitment towards using great music in addressing personal as well societal issues.

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