Dark Songstress Bella Kelly Indicts Love with New Single and Music Video, "Felony"

Rising gothic folk artist Bella Kelly explores the criminal nature of heartbreak in her latest release.

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(Los Angeles, CA) July 5, 2024 - In the realm of human emotions, few transgressions cut as deep as betrayal. It's this very sentiment that California's very own Bella Kelly masterfully captures in her latest project, "Felony." Released on June 26, 2024 worldwide, "Felony" explores the criminal nature of heartbreak, a testament to Bella Kelly's ability to transform personal pain into universally resonant art. With its release, Kelly continues to affirm her position as a promising talent in the alternative music scene, offering a fresh and introspective voice to those grappling with the aftermath of emotional devastation.

Bella Kelly, known for her hauntingly beautiful melodies and deeply introspective lyrics, has been making waves in the industry since her debut. Her previous releases, including "Throat" and "Heartbreak Motel," have garnered significant attention, with the latter amassing over 1 million views on YouTube. Kelly's unique blend of gothic aesthetics and folk sensibilities has earned her a dedicated following, with her Instagram account boasting an impressive 66.9K followers and still growing.

Bella Kelly's journey has been marked by notable achievements and collaborations. She has been featured in various press outlets, including EarMilk, Post Punk Mag, Outburn Mag, The Hype Magazine, and Voyage LA. Her performances at events such as the WeLoveKandy Festival in 2022 and Ghouls Day Out in 2024 have further cemented her reputation as a captivating live performer. The quality of her productions, often head and shoulders above her contemporaries, is an indication of the talent of both Bella Kelly as a songwriter/lyricist and her collaborators, including platinum engineer David Gnozzi.

"Felony," Bella Kelly's latest offering, delves deep into the emotional aftermath of betrayal. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a heart left bleeding and the deceptive nature of false promises. Kelly's haunting vocals deliver lines like "You kill me and I'm still bleeding, heart is broken, soul has left me" with raw emotion, inviting listeners into her world of pain and resilience. The track, produced and mixed by David Gnozzi at MixbusTv Studio in Los Angeles, continues Kelly's tradition of creating melancholic, alternative songwriting with a focus on meaningful lyrics and high-quality production.

The music video for "Felony," directed by Vicente Cordero, visually complements the song's emotional intensity. Released on July 1, 2024, the video showcases Bella Kelly performing in various evocative settings, including a club and a boxing gym. Each scene amplifies the song's narrative, capturing Kelly singing with profound emotion, creating a powerful visual and auditory experience.

Discover the haunting beauty of "Felony" now. The single is available on all major streaming platforms, and the music video can be viewed on Kelly's official YouTube channel. Bella Kelly will also be performing live at the iconic Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood on July 12, 2024, promising an unforgettable show.

As Bella Kelly continues to evolve as an artist, "Felony" stands as a powerful showcase of her growth and the depth of her artistry. Each release further underscores her status as a voice for the melancholy, the outcast, and anyone who has ever felt the sting of heartbreak. For more information, visit Bella Kelly’s official website or follow her on Instagram.

About Bella Kelly

Bella Kelly is an independent Gothic Folk artist whose music speaks to the melancholic and the outcasts. Renowned for her haunting melodies, introspective lyrics, and striking presence, Kelly has been a transformative force in the alternative music scene. Her sound seamlessly blends indie-pop, chillwave, and balladeering, creating immersive, narrative-driven compositions that resonate deeply with her audience. Overcoming significant personal challenges, Kelly has turned her pain into art, offering solace and empowerment through her music. With a rapidly expanding fanbase, widespread critical acclaim, and collaborations with renowned artists and producers, Kelly consistently pushes the boundaries of her artistry. Her ethereal beauty and commanding stage presence, paired with profound lyrics, solidify her as a formidable and enduring figure in the music industry.

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