Kuba Ka unveils plans for new television show, and exciting superhero character

The emerging pop artist and actor Kuba Ka has recently revealed plans for his latest ventures that include: a television production overseen by a noteworthy entertainment company, and the launch of a mighty superhero character.

In collaboration with the Emmy-Award winning Asylum Entertainment known for The Kennedys with Katie Holmes, Kuba’s forthcoming television show will highlight many aspects of his personal life and his career in the music industry. Currently in development, Founder Keri Selig of Intuition Productions and Larissa Michieli of Little Lamb Media will produce the new production scheduled to be shot and filmed in Los Angeles and worldwide.

“This will be a true adventure show, presenting the journey of KUBA from Poland to Hollywood,” says Kuba. “It will have a very inspirational message, dedicated to a broad demographic and audience.”

Kuba has also teamed with a group of illustrators and designers to unveil his new superhero themed character. The heavily armored warrior clad in gold is an introduction to a series of steps for Kuba’s new brand direction.

This superhero persona stands for what Kuba believes - that everyone should fight for dreams and hopes. It also reflects his struggle and fight after the height of his childhood career, where he was exposed to the brutal reality of politics and show business in Poland. Back then he was not only an entertainer but also a humanitarian, forming charities with UNITED NATIONS, UNICEF and Queen Elizabeth II’s RSPCA - Foundation for Animals. These experiences influenced him to create his own superhero persona. Kuba believes that the light of entertainment can light up the darkest places in the world.

Like many superheroes past and present, Kuba’s plans to conquer challenges by staying persistent and continuing to live his dream. In addition to the television production, he is gearing up for his latest single release, “Here We Go”, and has just finished the official launch of his 2014 Apollo Male Models Calendar.

About Kuba Ka

Critics have dubbed Kuba Ka as a “stage-animal” – a moniker given to the budding star whose known for his high-octane live performances. “From my very early childhood, I felt the force of nature to become the entertainer. That’s who I am – driven by all parts of me,” says Kuba. “The stage is my life, show is my world!” As a teen, Kuba was featured in the Polish edition of ELLE magazine and has been highlighted throughout his native country of Poland for his contribution to the arts.

Discovered by the late Frank Dileo, one-time manager of the late Michael Jackson, Kuba is gearing up for his formal US debut. First, a largely anticipated album that includes the hot dance song, “Physical Attraction” and the popular club track “In The Streets” which features the work of four-time Grammy nominated producer and re-mixer Steve “Silk” Hurley. With the new album, “King of the Night” forthcoming, Kuba continues to stay busy with upcoming feature films, fitness modeling, and unveiling plans for his non-profit organization.

"This will be a true adventure show, presenting the journey of KUBA from Poland to Hollywood. It will have a very inspirational message, dedicated to a broad demographic and audience." Kuba Ka
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