Pop artist Kuba Ka surprises fans with Moonboy EP

Kuba Ka surprised fans earlier this month with the premiere of his Moonboy EP project. An introduction to his forthcoming studio album, Moonboy is a six-track EP album featuring the singer’s latest singles including the popular, “Come To America” featuring Flavor Flav along with five of his electro and pop-infused tracks. Moonboy is now available on iTunes.

With the assistance of his former manager, the late Frank Dileo, Kuba Ka connected with some of the industry’s hottest producers at Hollywood’s Capital Studios to record singles, “Combat” and “In The Streets.” Additionally, he teamed with pioneering house music producer/DJ Steve “Silk” Hurley for“Physical Attraction” and Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Sean Garrett for the single, “Stop Feenin.”

The title track was recorded years ago in Poland, written by Kuba in collaboration with his dear friend Mariusz Noskowiak (from pop group Blenders) who produced the song. Kuba’s in-house producer, Conley Abrams who also produced for Michael Jackson and Tupac, did a majority of the EP production.

Kuba on Moonboy:

"Moonboy is… me, actually. I was called during my teenage career in Poland – “Moonboy”, as people were saying I am from another cosmic planet! I liked it, and I wrote a song about it. Moonboy started with small record done in Poland, and became the EP completed at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, including my collaboration with Michael Jackson's manager - Frank Dileo. What a proof of American Dream, and that dreams can come true!The world would be so much more happy, if we all would follow our dreams. When you hear the Moonboy EP from beginning to the end, you will know what I mean."

Recent live performances at Muscle Beach and Whisky-A-Go-Go featured several tracks from Moonboy alongside Kuba’s high-spirited dance routines and stage presence. A dedicated entertainer, he works relentlessly to create music that his fans will enjoy. Aside from the premiere of his EP, Kuba is releasing his new single, “Here We Go” and launching the production of his new television show this spring.

About Kuba Ka

Critics have dubbed Kuba Ka as a “stage-animal” – a moniker given to the budding star whose known for his high-octane live performances. “From my very early childhood, I felt the force of nature to become the entertainer. That’s who I am – driven by all parts of me,” says Kuba. “The stage is my life, show is my world!” As a teen, Kuba was featured in the Polish edition of ELLE magazine and has been highlighted throughout his native country of Poland for his contribution to the arts. 

Discovered by the late Frank Dileo, one-time manager of the late Michael Jackson, Kuba is gearing up for his formal US debut. First, a largely anticipated album that includes the hot dance song, “Physical Attraction” and the popular club track “In The Streets” which features the work of four-time Grammy nominated producer and re-mixer Steve “Silk” Hurley. With the new album, “King of the Night” forthcoming, Kuba continues to stay busy with upcoming feature films, fitness modeling, and unveiling plans for his non-profit organization.

"Moonboy is… me, actually. I was called during my teenage career in Poland – “Moonboy”, as people were saying I am from another cosmic planet! I liked it, and I wrote a song about it." Kuba Ka
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