Ugo Lord Talks “Creating the Momentum to Live Your Greatest Life”

In the latest episode of “The Ugo Lord Show”, motivational speaker and TV host Ugo Lord continues his journey to helping others achieve their greatest dreams with three minutes of positivity and encouragement in “Create the Momentum to Shift Your Life Info Gear.”

Episodes of the newly re-launched You-Tube based show airs twice a month on the 1st and 15th. Viewers can subscribe and watch the show at

The newest episode addresses overcoming the standstill that often keeps people from following their hearts, and living their dreams; “Create the Momentum to Shift Your Life Info Gear,” offers an uplifting message of utilizing determination and will power to create the life you want.

"Imagine how far we can go if we always remain aware that by taking one step forward, the life we fantasize about is one step closer to reality," says Ugo. He continuously emphasizes the importance of getting started with just one step, and consciously reapplying the same effort to move toward your goals.

In his show and during speaking engagements Ugo covers a variety of topics such as: character building and self –esteem, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, entrepreneurial development, business and peer mentoring, college preparedness and life skills training.

He’s confirmed for several events in the following months including The Summer Business Institute (SBI) in Las Vegas where he will be speaking on Friday, June 20,2014. To check Ugo Lord’s availability for your next event please send an inquiry through his official website

About Ugo Lord

Ugo Lord has dedicated his life towards motivating others to achieve their greatest potential. He began his motivational career as a teen advocate fighting for those who felt they didn’t have a voice. At the age of 17, Ugo Lord became a Nevada Trial By Peers teen counselor representing juveniles charged with misdemeanor offenses. Without losing a single case, he went on to become a guest speaker to future peer counselors ultimately winning him the award for most favored peer counselor instructor.

Ugo Lord continued to tackle challenging issues pressing young adults through spirited radio and television debates hosted by the Las Vegas Sun Youth Forum. After being chosen by his peers to represent them, Ugo debated hot button controversial issues such as immigration reform, homelessness, teen sexuality, peer pressure, addiction and several other extraordinarily challenging issues facing today’s youth.

About The Ugo Lord Show

The Ugo Lord Show is a program that allows viewers to learn how to consistently take the best steps forward in life to help ensure they achieve their greatest potential. Together, Ugo and his viewers take a journey towards self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-empowerment as he shares stories of those who have triumphed despite coming face-to-face with the most impossible of odds.

Join Ugo Lord and his brave guests as they face their challenges head on in order to discover the secret to unlocking their greatest potential.

"Imagine how far we can go if we always remain aware that by taking one step forward, the life we fantasize about is one step closer to reality." Ugo Lord
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