A.T.A Boyz announce debut album and Coast 2 Coast Live Tour performance

Baltimore hip-hop group A.T.A Boyz have announced that their forthcoming album, By Any Means Necessary will debut this spring. The group is also scheduled to perform at tonight’s Coast 2 Coast Live Tour at Club Infuzion in Richmond, VA.

Fueled with the personalities of its three members: brothers Trenod and Audazity, and Alijah, the new album delivers a combination of street anthems and bass line-heavy club tracks. By Any Means Necessary features 11 tracks of reality and circumstance that their fans can relate to. Three of the album’s singles: “ Waitin On You,” “Nightmare” and “Got Luv” are currently available at ATABoyzmusic.com

“We wanted to make music that we could express our ideas and individual personalities in our verses but collectively would make for a relatable experience for the audience,” said Alijah. “The album as a whole represents our collective personality and motive that we will make it in this industry by any means necessary.”

Summed up, “the idea behind the album and each song was by any means necessary we have to continue to show that we belong in the music industry.”

Collaboratively produced by Aaron Sibert, Carl Wilson, Daniel Hartnett, Cuzzo Beatz, Alex Isaak, Don Jareis, Nicolas Scholtes, Ryan Norris, Gianluca Cannarsa and Jean Lamothe, the album showcases the dedication of three passionate lyricists with one goal in common: making music with substance. By Any Means Necessary represents the diverse style of rap and lyrical contribution from each of the group’s members. Born and raised in Baltimore, the A.T.A Boyz have a musical style compared to a mixture of Scarface and Outkast.

As the release of the new album nears, the A.T.A Boyz are staying busy on stage. They recently performed on the Ready For The Industry Tour and have been making rounds promoting their latest effort in the tri-state area.

About A.T.A Boyz

The A.T.A Boyz is an in-your-face hip-hop/rap group from Baltimore, Maryland that consists of members Alijah, Trenod, and Audazity. Together the trio makes very versatile and energized music while each bringing a different lyrical style to the table. The A.T.A Boyz are in the process of finishing up their first project, By Any Means Necessary, which is scheduled to be released Spring 2014. They are quoted as; "Not being the average B-More Rap artists Laced with Hardcore drug and Shoot em up Bang Bang rhymes, but as being artist more focused on making good music with substance."

"“the idea behind the album and each song was by any means necessary we have to continue to show that we belong in the music industry.”" Elijah
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