Rapper Kang Mojo/Delta Boi set to release new mixtape, Mojo Muzik: Volume 1


Los Angeles, CA -With recent performances in Denver and his home state of Mississippi behind him, Kang Mojo also known as Delta Boi, has announced the upcoming release of his latest mixtape, "Mojo Muzik: Volume 1". Known for his gritty street persona, Kang Mojo reveals his southern styled lyrics throughout this latest effort. The emerging rapper collaborated with a list of talented producers to include:Alegal,AdoTheGod,J.R.,Max Million,Street Empire,SupaStarr O,Drizzie,Vibe andLett Loose, all contributing their unique style. The album features 16-tracks of laid back street anthems and plenty of bass-filled club tunes. "Mojo Muzik: Volume 1" will be available November 5th on SoundCloud at: www.SoundCloud.com/MojoMuzik1

In addition to the new mixtape, Kang Mojo continues to turn heads through his relentless style; One of his most popular raps, a freestyle-type track titled, "32 Bars (Controversy)" highlights just a portion of what Mojo is about as he freestyles his way through the track. Two of the mixtape's singles, "Crooked Letter I" and "Call Me Country" have also become favorites among his fans; You can check out both singles on Soundcloud. An undeniably talented artist, Mojo shows that he's truly one-of-a-kind. His powerful vocals and delivery breathe life into each track to create an entire project that it more than just words. Kang Mojo hasperformed in Venice, CA (Witzend),Santa Monica (Harvells),Atlanta (Kamals21, Strockers, Artist Poo) andAlexandria, Louisiana (Convention Center).

About Kang Mojo/DeltaBoi
In the deep South where the crossroads of blues trails ignite the evenings, and the Delta's influence reaches way more genres than than just blues, Kang Mojo was born, and raised on the east side by the interstate. Just as in the city of Angels itself, the constant sounds of traffic and the ability to sense vibes of folks in traveling states influences your lyrics and creation. As the hot and humid air lingered into many Delta nights, Kang started to find ways with his crew to record music. At an early age he earned the nickname "freestyle", akin to stars like Jay Z, Free Uhuru, Dr. Dre and Kid Cudi. Performing at gigs like Eastside High School and Delta State University, Kang and his E.G.P. Crew began to make waves and get recognized for their raw talent.

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