Singer-songwriter Amy Kress releases, "Numb" single and music video


With the release of her forthcoming album, "Secret Music" slated to debut in January, singer-songwriter Amy Kress has released the first single, "Numb" from the highly anticipated project. A powerful modern piece produced by The Spot Studios (Denver, CO), "Numb" is an incredible showcase of Amy's resounding vocals highlighted by the track's contemporary pop and rock influence. The new single is now available on iTunes at:

The official music video for "Numb" was directed by Colin Floom and features Amy as her character searches for love, fulfillment and happiness. To check out the official music video on YouTube visit:

Written by Amy, her new single introduces a dynamically talented artist whose creativity extends beyond songwriting. As a musician, she is directly involved with the production, sound and vocal arrangements of her music.

"From my one note piano melody he [Sawyer] created the Numb you hear today. The chorus gave me chills the first time I heard it. It was big and hard-hitting and so much MORE than anything I had ever written before. I had tears in my eyes the first time I heard the finished track." – Amy Kress, regarding the production of Numb.

The track is a sacred song of searching for the answer, wanting and needing to be made whole again. With lyrics such as, "I cease to care whom I hurt with my selfish insistence that I am empty, I am hollow," Kress, careful with her words says this is about, "not wanting people to know when I'm hurt or lonely and not wanting to hurt their feelings by declaring them inadequate to fulfill my desires."

In addition to her upcoming album, Amy Kress has continued to be an inspiration through her ongoing battle with breast cancer; As an advocate, she dedicates her time to blog about her journey on and is a voice for others in her community. A Denver native, Amy is using her life experiences to encourage others to continue doing what they love in the midst of life's challenges.

Amy Kress

"The healer told me that I wasn't fulfilling what my soul needed. I was, in her words, a flower in the desert that had no water. I was starving for something to feed my soul and I needed to make a change. I needed to express myself. I needed to create and I needed to put it out there. The most important thing she said to me is that not everyone is ready to hear what I have to put out there. Don't worry about it. The people that are, are the ones I'm playing for." – Amy Kress

Life is what happens between the lines and at times it's hard to handle much less share with others. All of the great artists manage to bridge this gap though and Amy Kress is one of few the with this unique gift. Kress is the unlikely star; the mother, the wife, the survivor, and her story is an inspiring one.

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